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Bartol: Your personal refrigerator

Bartol Soup for the Soul
sandwich.jpgLooking for a new way to enjoy some Bartol classics? Wondering how to add a little pizzazz to your salad or sandwich? Look no further; members of the Residence Life staff sat down to share their Bartol tips, secrets, and favorites! "It's all about being creative," said Kailey Denzer-Weiler. Leigh Viscomi agreed with Kailey, adding, "I think just simply considering how you can combine foods from different stations to get what you want is the best way to go. Also, I always remind myself to think about the sauces that are available to spice the foods up a little." Jess Faulk's advice is to use Bartol like a personal refrigerator, "You never feel like you are short on options as long as you think of Bartol as one big kitchen/refrigerator that you can put together whatever you please." Thinking outside the box is key to creating your own Bartol specialties!

bartol-food.jpgJohn O'Connor uses Bartol for ingredients by building bagel sandwiches instead of using bread, "I'm a big fan of bagel sandwiches. I usually take a bagel and toast it to start, then grab some provolone cheese from the deli station. Often I fill my sandwich with things from the salad bar as well as some of their pre-mixed salads (e.g. the beet & onion salad or the vegetarian potato salad) it keeps it interesting because there's an endless variety of combinations that you can put inside a bagel sandwich and sometimes I find the bagel to be more interesting than regular bread."

Vanessa Martinez is also a fan of adding salad bar items to sandwiches. She has mastered the art of the tuna sandwich - and has a secret ingredient: craisins! "Usually I put some on pita breadand stuff it with spinach, sprouts and onions. To make it more interesting I usually add craisins and honey mustard in order to give it a little sweet kick. Adding craisings to anything usually helps," Vanessa said.

Julia Golden has also experimented with her own Bartol recipes. Julia's Bartol version of a mandarin chicken salad includes grilled chicken from the grill station, orange slices, and crispy noodles. In order to achieve the plum salad dressing taste usually found on mandarin salads, she adds a dash of raspberry vinaigrette found a the salad bar - voila!

Jess Faulk creates her own burritos at Bartol. "A burrito is a great option available at almost any meal. Take a wrap from the bread stand, beans, cheese, toppings from the salad bar, and chicken or protein from the grill then microwave it all."

Whether you're looking to add a little something to your sandwich, trying to spice up your salad, or attempting to invent your own culinary masterpiece, just remember, it's easier than you think to eat creatively in Bartol!

By Kristi Swartz on January 17, 2012 4:17 PM
Topics: dining