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Little known Black History Facts

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In honor of Black History Month, we hope you enjoy these little know facts in Black History from

Now & Then

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pres.jpgSimmons College has been fortunate to have incredible presidents who have confidently led our institution. In honor of Presidents Day I thought it would be nice to hear a little about Simmons' first president and our most current president.

rosa.jpgEveryone knows what happened after Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a Montgomery Alabama bus in December of 1955, but what is less well known is the real reason why, and what lead up to that decisive moment.

Twelve years prior to the bus boycott, in 1943, Rosa Parks became active in the civil right movement as a member of the local NAACP chapter and secretary to the president of the organization. In this same year, Rosa experienced her first confrontation with a bus driver when she was told to exit the front of the bus in the rain and re-enter through the back of the bus. As she was doing so, she dropped her purse and sat for a minute to pick it up. This so enraged the bus driver that he drove off and left her standing in the rain outside of the bus. Rosa knew this treatment was unfair, but felt there was little she could do.

Are you ready for the job search?

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Did you know that with an English major you could enter into the Technical Communication, Advertising, or Public Relations fields? Did you also know that Biology majors could enter into the Communication, Legislative, or Legal Affairs fields? If these revelations are a surprise, you might be underestimating your major too! Luckily, Simmons students have access to the Career Education Center, whose dedicated Career Coaches help construct résumés, write cover letters, and think outside of the box!

Simmons Alliance brings spoken word poet Andrea Gibson to campus

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andrea_gibson.jpgFor the second year in a row, award winning activist and spoken word poet Andrea Gibson is coming to perform at Simmons College. Originally from Maine, she eventually landed in Colorado where she began attending open mic nights. By 2008, she was the first ever winner of the Women of the World Poetry Slam and a four time Denver Grand Slam Champion. Her poems are personal, emotional, and breath taking that leaves the listener thinking.

jain2.jpgHow did you get into Health Education?
I originally was a dentist back in India. However, after some time I started to miss interacting with people about health issues and prevention topics. I realized I wanted to be more involved with public health, and that is what led me into Health Education.

What is your favorite part of Simmons?
I love that everyone is very caring and looks out for each other. Great support here!

SC Cribs: Designer Digs from Dix Hall

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cribs2.jpgInterview with Lauren Hennessey & Emlyn Perry, Dix Hall

What is your favorite thing in your room?
My favorite part of the room is our magazine wall because we took the time to each pick out our favorite pictures that reflect our interests and styles.