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March 2012 Archives

No Body is Perfect!

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bodyimage1.pngHow many of us do not like the reflection we see of ourselves when we look in the mirror? Our culture is obsessed with physical appearance and beauty is very narrowly defined in our society as someone who is skinny. Mass media has formed our norms on what beauty should look like. These movies, actors, TV shows, and even dolls are EVERYWHERE!
So is "skinny" on a woman really beautiful? According to most statistics, only about 5% of the world actually looks like models and the rest of the 95% of people are unhappy with the way they look. All of media's messages are creations; they are not reflections of reality.

South Hall Triple Room Tour

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Junior Cristina Aiello takes us on a tour through her South Hall Triple room. This room is one of the two triples on a floor that has two rooms (the third triple is one large room) and all triples are connected to the double room next to them through a fire door.

To see more pictures of South hall rooms, visit the Hall Descriptions page.

South Hall
- Wellness/Substance Free Theme Community
- Is home to all class levels, including Graduate/Dix on the 4th & 5th Floors
- Contains singles, doubles, and triples
- Is close to Holmes Sports Center
- Boasts an open family feel and strong sense of community
- Holds strongly encouraged and wellness focused programming events
- Has laundry facilities, a large living room, two kitchens, piano, fireplace, study rooms, TV, and vending machines

Returning undergraduate students who are interested in living in South Hall should fill out the Theme Community & Special Interest application by Sunday, April 1st. Theme Community & Special Interest housing selection is Monday, April 2nd from 6:15pm-7:00pm. South hall will not be open during regular senior, junior or sophomore selection times, so if you want to live in this beautiful community you need to select to do so by April 1st! Graduate students who are interested in South can choose the community during Grad/Dix Selection on April 2nd at 5:45pm.

Dix Hall Room Tour

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Junior Nishanthi Kulenthirarajan shows us her room in Dix Hall in this short video.

Dix Hall houses a mix of Sophomores and Juniors and contains contains double rooms, fire-door connected rooms, and one quad. It was fully renovated in 1999, and had a recent 1st floor kitchen renovation completed in January 2012. Dix hall also has air conditioning in early fall when it is still hot.

To see pictures and a sample floor plan of Dix Hall visit the Residence Halls page on the Residence Life website.

Boston Beneath the Surface

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boston.jpgAs a full-time student living in Boston, after having lived in the area all my life, it was only a matter of time before all the tourist sites got old--a matter of two weeks, actually. So, how else to appreciate the beautiful city of Boston without getting bored? Well, after doing a bit of exploring, I found out that there are so many magical places to spend my time, both alone and with friends!

Here are my top ten favorites:

  • The docks by the Harbor. The waves give me an incredible sense of peace--something that's hard to come by while living on Brookline Ave. Being surrounded by nothing but the sea reminds me of my own solidity, bobbing up and down but never sinking.
  • Revere Beach. Now that the weather is warming up, the beach is the perfect place to cool down and relax--and it's only a T Ride away! Taking the Blue Line to its self-titled T stop will leave you only steps away from the sand and the sea.

Join Fit at Simmons!

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Join Fit at Simmons! Fit at Simmons is a new peer education group that encourages fitness as a part of overall health and wellness. We welcome students of all athletic abilities and backgrounds, particularly those who may struggle with trying to find a way to fit regular exercise into their lives. Our first meeting is on Thursday, March 29 at 4pm in W-005A (next to OSLA).

Topics will include:

  • How we define what it means to be "fit"

  • Taking down the barriers that get in the way of regular exercise

  • Different types of fitness activities, with the aim of discovering what type of fitness works for each one of us

  • How to set realistic and obtainable fitness goals

We will explore these topics primarily through fun, active programming! In addition to Fit at Simmons group meetings, we are available to hold special programs for the residence campuses, and host college-wide events including an inaugural walk/run club and bike club.

For more information please join us for our first meeting or email

My name is Melissa Tanguay, the Student Health Educator for Fit at Simmons and a Dix Scholar in the Exercise Science program. I find genuine excitement in helping others find ways to integrate fitness into their life as part of overall health and wellness. I am an avid triathlete, runner and endurance coach who didn't discover my own love for physical activity until I was an adult. As a result, I whole-heartedly believe that people can find fitness at any age!

Mesick Hall Room Tour

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Take a tour through the halls in preparation for returning housing selection! This is the first in a whole series of videos showing you what rooms look like within our variety of halls on campus.

Mesick Hall

Living in Mesick is great! It's nice to live in a recently renovated hall; it looks bright and clean. I live on the third floor, which is the substance-free floor in Mesick. We have a laundry room, a lounge, and a really nice bathroom! There isn't a TV in the lounge, so it's perfect for studying or just hanging out. If you do want to watch TV, there is one on the first floor and one on the fourth floor. If you want a nice kitchen to cook or bake, the fourth floor is the foodie floor and has quite the kitchen. It's so convenient; you just have to go up a flight of stairs! Another great amenity of Mesick is the smart classroom. If you want somewhere to study with a white board, but don't want to walk all the way to the library, you can just go to the Mesick smart classroom on the first floor. Mesick is a great place to be!
- Celia, Sophomore Student, Mesick Hall

Where's Stormy?

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StormyShark.590.jpgThis week, Simmons College Campus Life announced the re-launch of its Facebook page -and they're doing it big, with the "Where's Stormy?" Photo Contest. Campus Life is challenging students to take creative pictures with a sketch drawing of Stormy the Shark, and post them on the Campus Life Facebook page:

The next step is for students to get their friends to like their picture, because the photos with the most likes by April 1st will win prizes! There will be a $100 Bertucci's gift card given for Group Photo with the most "likes," a $50 gift card given for Individual Photo with the most "likes," and a $25 Starbucks gift card given for Individual Photo with the second-most "likes" overall. Plus, those who post photos that garner more than 10 "likes" will win a special Stormy the Shark prize from OSLA.

The Simmons College Campus Life Facebook page is a great way for students to share information with each other, keep up to date with events around campus, and celebrate Simmons-ness! The Stormy the Shark sketch photo that will be used in the competition is available for download on the Simmons College Campus Life Facebook page, and print outs are also available in OSLA and from RAs. Like the Campus Life Facebook page today!

SC Cribs: Designer Digs from Arnold Hall

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ScCribs3.jpgInterview with Joana Paolino, Arnold Hall

Want some decorating tips? Looking for some new ideas? Perhaps you are just curious how other people have set up their bedroom. Whatever the reason, you will enjoy taking a trip with SC Cribs to current Junior Joana Paolino's Arnold Hall room.

If you had to describe your room in one word, what would it be?

Enjoy the best seat for Sushi at Kamiza

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Kailey.jpgAbout three months ago I developed in insatiable craving for sushi that to this day has still not fully stopped. When the Fens and Shaws just isn't enough, I have found a sushi safe haven with Kamiza Japanese Cuisine. One of those hole-in-the-wall places, Kamiza had only about a dozen tables, but was mostly empty on the Tuesday night I visited.

The wait staff was friendly and attentive and the place itself was clean and comfortable. If you aren't up for a trek to Washington Square, you're in luck; they also deliver and are open late. When my hankering returned the other night, this was the option that my partner and I went for. We started with Gyoza, a steamed vegetable dumpling that was for the most part rather flavorless. While the warmth it provided was a welcome change from the sushi, it was not a dish I would get again. However, once we started in on the sushi, the flavors started perking up. We started with the Crazy Maki, which had a nice crunch to it from the shrimp tempura. The briny flavor mixed well with the avocado and cucumber, letting the flavor linger a bit longer.

Black History Month: Redefined

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Black Student Organization's (BSO) theme this year was Redefinition. All of the events for Black History Month have been focused around redefining what it means to be black women. No mater where you're from in the world, you are a part of BSO's goal thus year - to be accepting to all cultures and influence the lives of all colors. BSO's Soul Food: Redefined dinner showcased that goal and mission.

Learn more about Black History Month 2012 by visiting the 300 The Fenway blog post with video of BSO President Tatiana Johnson.


If you haven't heard the news yet, stop and mark your calendars now as the Campus Activities Board (CAB) and the Office of Student Activities and Leadership (OSLA) announce the date for the annual spring concert on April 20th! We are very excited to be welcoming AUGUSTANA to the stage as the headliner of the evening.

chronochorea poster_small.jpgThe Simmons Science Fiction & Fantasy Club (SSFF) is a newer organization on campus. They were founded in the Fall of 2010 and have been growing quickly in both their scope of events as well as their membership over the past two academic years. Led by fearless president Peregerine "Pippin" Macdonald the organization has grown in strength by offering consistent general membership meetings and signature events that are not duplicated by other organizations. SSFF general meetings are held every Friday and feature rotating presentations from the membership on various Science Fiction or Fantasy shows, movies or set of characters. Topics have or are scheduled to included Portal, Dr. Who, Lord of the Rings, Battlestar Galactica, Fringe, and many more. Meetings without a presentation topic are often filled with recently discovered (or old favorite) YouTube video screenings and games of Mafia.

This Simmons Life: Valentines Day

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valentines cards.jpg
Whether you love it or hate it, we can't deny that Valentine's Day has a grip on the American psyche. Beginning in late January, Valentine's Day cards, gifts, gags, and chocolate show up on television, radio, billboards, and on store shelves. We've all had good and bad ones, read below to read about the experiences of Simmons residents!