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Enjoy the best seat for Sushi at Kamiza

Kailey.jpgAbout three months ago I developed in insatiable craving for sushi that to this day has still not fully stopped. When the Fens and Shaws just isn't enough, I have found a sushi safe haven with Kamiza Japanese Cuisine. One of those hole-in-the-wall places, Kamiza had only about a dozen tables, but was mostly empty on the Tuesday night I visited.

The wait staff was friendly and attentive and the place itself was clean and comfortable. If you aren't up for a trek to Washington Square, you're in luck; they also deliver and are open late. When my hankering returned the other night, this was the option that my partner and I went for. We started with Gyoza, a steamed vegetable dumpling that was for the most part rather flavorless. While the warmth it provided was a welcome change from the sushi, it was not a dish I would get again. However, once we started in on the sushi, the flavors started perking up. We started with the Crazy Maki, which had a nice crunch to it from the shrimp tempura. The briny flavor mixed well with the avocado and cucumber, letting the flavor linger a bit longer.

Sushi.jpgNext was the Eel Cucumber Roll that had a milder flavor than the shrimp, but had a refreshing cucumber crunch to it. For the less daring (or those who spend more than $25 who get to choose a free food option) they also had a crisp, fresh California Roll. Besides this, there is a good amount of variety for vegetarians. One of the consistent favorites is the Honey Maki, which has papaya, cream cheese, avocado and apple. While I am no sushi connoisseur, I can say that I have not had such a refreshingly flavored roll before. Last was the Sweet Potato Tempura Maki that had a nice crisp taste but was sweet and savory at the same time. Mixed with a small amount of soy sauce, the flavor was well balanced and became a personal favorite of mine. In all, my experience with Kamiza both in-restaurant and delivery has always been fantastic.

4 out of 5 Shark Chomps

Kamiza Japanese is located at 969 Washington St in Brookline for eat in, take out, or delivery. Order online at and receive 15% off your order.

By Kailey Denzer-Weiler on March 12, 2012 10:05 AM
Category: Exploring Boston
Topics: dining, restaurants