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Join Fit at Simmons!

Join Fit at Simmons! Fit at Simmons is a new peer education group that encourages fitness as a part of overall health and wellness. We welcome students of all athletic abilities and backgrounds, particularly those who may struggle with trying to find a way to fit regular exercise into their lives. Our first meeting is on Thursday, March 29 at 4pm in W-005A (next to OSLA).

Topics will include:

  • How we define what it means to be "fit"

  • Taking down the barriers that get in the way of regular exercise

  • Different types of fitness activities, with the aim of discovering what type of fitness works for each one of us

  • How to set realistic and obtainable fitness goals

We will explore these topics primarily through fun, active programming! In addition to Fit at Simmons group meetings, we are available to hold special programs for the residence campuses, and host college-wide events including an inaugural walk/run club and bike club.

For more information please join us for our first meeting or email

My name is Melissa Tanguay, the Student Health Educator for Fit at Simmons and a Dix Scholar in the Exercise Science program. I find genuine excitement in helping others find ways to integrate fitness into their life as part of overall health and wellness. I am an avid triathlete, runner and endurance coach who didn't discover my own love for physical activity until I was an adult. As a result, I whole-heartedly believe that people can find fitness at any age!

By Priyanka Jain on March 22, 2012 12:07 AM
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