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SC Cribs: Designer Digs from Arnold Hall

ScCribs3.jpgInterview with Joana Paolino, Arnold Hall

Want some decorating tips? Looking for some new ideas? Perhaps you are just curious how other people have set up their bedroom. Whatever the reason, you will enjoy taking a trip with SC Cribs to current Junior Joana Paolino's Arnold Hall room.

If you had to describe your room in one word, what would it be?

ScCribs2.jpgHow do you best utilize the space that you have?
I try to separate the room into two areas. My bed in on one side along with all my pillows and my desk is on the other side along with my books so that I can kind of separate my workspace from my relaxation space.

How does your room reflect your personality?
I tried to make it girly but also keep it simple because I hate clutter.

Is your style affordable?
I used a lot of pieces that I already had hanging around home, like the doilies that I put over some of my selves and dressers. I also went on a little shopping spree and bought a mirror and picture frames from Target. No piece was over $20.

Any last tips for students trying to make their room comfortable and a home away from home?
Pictures are a great way to remind you of home and small decorations like my tea set really add a personal touch to make the room my own.

By Leigh Viscomi on March 14, 2012 10:00 AM
Category: Spotlight: Students