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This Simmons Life: Valentines Day

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Whether you love it or hate it, we can't deny that Valentine's Day has a grip on the American psyche. Beginning in late January, Valentine's Day cards, gifts, gags, and chocolate show up on television, radio, billboards, and on store shelves. We've all had good and bad ones, read below to read about the experiences of Simmons residents!

A Valentine's Day Turnaround! On Valentine's Day I had a huge nursing test. I couldn't sleep the night before and ended up getting only 4 hours of sleep, which made me exhausted on Valentine's Day. I also got sick with a fever and thought that I failed my test. Towards the end of the day, I found out that I did great on my test, and my partner ended up surprising me with flowers, a balloon, chocolate, and twizzlers. My day ended up going great, despite how it started off.

Saved by Saint Valentine! I'm a Graduate Student and on Valentine's Day, I left my wallet and keys at work. I figured I would have to walk two miles back to the residence hall with no T-Pass, and have to pay a lockout fee and who knows what would happen if I couldn't show proof that I lived here. Well, people had mercy on me, the security guard gave me a spare T-Pass to get back, then I got to go on a "date" with a friend to Bartol, her treat (our boyfriends are so jealous). Then I got my wallet and keys back! So, it was kind of an "in the middle day." I experienced kindness at the loan of a T-Pass and got a date with a lovely lady (and flowers at Bartol), not too shabby. People are kind and generous.

galentines.jpgGALentine's Day! My friends here at Simmons and I boycotted Valentine's Day all weekend long by celebrating an alternative holiday we deemed "GALentine's Day." So we all just told stories, laughed, ate sweets, and dolled ourselves up for no special occasion. But, personally, the best part for me was being able to enjoy gossipy girl talk AND spend an equally memorable Valentine's Day with my boyfriend! Talk about love all around-a weekend with friends, romantic dinner with my valentine, and chocolate either way!

teddy9.jpgBarry the Valentine's Day Bear! My significant other lives far away and couldn't be in Boston on Valentine's Day. I was sent a big bouquet of my favorite flowers, tulips that came with a box of chocolates and a card. When I went to the mailroom, I also had a HUGE package that I didn't know was coming. I could barely carry it across the quad and up to my room! I opened it and it was the biggest teddy bear I've ever seen in my life. My roommate named it Barry and he now sits in my chair at my desk (he's large enough to sit in my desk chair).

hermione.jpgGoing the Distance! I used to be in a long distance relationship and when Valentines Day came I didn't expect much to happen because we were so far away from each other. As it turns out my sweetie had asked one of my friends who lived on campus to take over 100 of those little store bought kid-style Valentine's cards with candy and put them all over campus in everywhere I was going to be that day. Each one was hand signed with a special cheesy message to me. It turned out to be one of my favorite Valentines Day ever!

By Audra Berryann on March 2, 2012 10:00 AM