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Time-Traveler's Ball (Chronochorea): POSTPONED until two weeks ago

chronochorea poster_small.jpgThe Simmons Science Fiction & Fantasy Club (SSFF) is a newer organization on campus. They were founded in the Fall of 2010 and have been growing quickly in both their scope of events as well as their membership over the past two academic years. Led by fearless president Peregerine "Pippin" Macdonald the organization has grown in strength by offering consistent general membership meetings and signature events that are not duplicated by other organizations. SSFF general meetings are held every Friday and feature rotating presentations from the membership on various Science Fiction or Fantasy shows, movies or set of characters. Topics have or are scheduled to included Portal, Dr. Who, Lord of the Rings, Battlestar Galactica, Fringe, and many more. Meetings without a presentation topic are often filled with recently discovered (or old favorite) YouTube video screenings and games of Mafia.

For their larger signature events SSFF has hit the ground running in their second year. This fall they held their first "Bitch" Book Club around portrayal of women in the Twilight Saga. The book club was attended by more than 25 Simmons women & a faculty member and produced a lively discussion for several hours.

combo.jpgThis spring SSFF launched what they hope to become an annual tradition. On Saturday, February 25, 2012 the first annual Chronochorea was held. A Chronocorea is a time traveler's dance, where individuals from all different times, dimensions and alternate realities collide for an evening of fun! This year's Chronochorea was held in Alumnae Hall and decorations ranged from dinosaurs to posters made by club members from different time periods. Costumes were worn to represent different time periods where the travelers came including a 70's student affairs professional, to a Steam Punk Queen, medical officer from the Star Trek universe, a futuristic 2D individual, a time spy and many more. During the night we learned various dances from different periods of time. The medieval circle dance is in the video below!

Make sure to watch for next year's Chronochorea it is sure to be an event you don't want to miss. You can also stop by the next general meeting on Friday, March 17, 2012 from 5PM-7PM in L428 to get involved.

Students perform dance at the Chronochorea

By John O'Connor on March 5, 2012 11:27 AM
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