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April 2012 Archives

Fun (Cheap) Things to Do Around Boston!

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Have you ever been hanging out at Simmons and you feel like you've seen and done everything in Boston? Are the places around Simmons College too expensive for you that every time you want to do something fun, you have to rethink your activities?

There are actually many great, cheap, and fun places all around Simmons that can be enjoyable for everyone. One great option right in the heart of Boston is canoeing on the Charles River. Whether you want to explore a quieter Charles upstream, or see the city from a different perspective downstream, canoeing in the Charles River is a great experience to share with family and friends. A plus of this activity is that you don't need any previous experience, you just need clothes that you don't mind getting wet, $17/hour for a canoe or $19/hour for a kayak (both can fit 2 people, so $8.50-$9.50/person is a steal!), and a great attitude.

From 25 MB to 25 Gigs: Simmons has Gone Google!

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From time to time we can all appreciate the aesthetics of something historic: a black and white film, an antique clock, a charming colonial home, Simmons College WebMail. With the introduction of Google Apps for Education, however, it's time to place WebMail on a shelf with all of the other trinkets. Students around campus are crying out with joy for the transition from WebMail to Google Apps for Education, and here's why: Students asked for this.

SC Cribs: Designer Digs from Morse Hall

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nerissa.jpgInterview with Nerissa Chan, Morse Hall
Want some decorating tips? Looking for some new ideas? Want to know how Quadside Late Night Crafts and CAB Craft corners can help with your room decor? Perhaps you are just curious how other people have set up their bedroom. Whatever the reason, you will enjoy taking a trip with SC Cribs to RA Nerissa Chan's room in Morse Hall.

What is your favorite thing in your room?
My favorite thing in my room is probably a split between the rug and the fridge (oddly enough!) I found the rug secondhand for free and my fridge has been with me FOREVER. They both really help tie the room together.

GlobalService.jpgAs the warm weather starts to roll around and the academic year begins to come to a close, the amount of upcoming events on campus are numerous.

One event that is important to the Simmons College community is Global Service Day. Every year since 2000, Simmons College has celebrated with a college-wide Scholarship and Service Day Initiative. The Scott/ Ross Center hosts a variety of events that reflect Simmons' commitment as a College to service and the Boston community. Events have included workshops, service projects with community-partners on-and-off campus, letter writing campaigns, and pledge signings for the YWCA'S Stand Against Racism campaign.

COF students Take Back the Night [Slideshow]

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TBTN.pngIn 1975, over 35 years ago, women took to the street in Philadelphia after Susan Speeth, a microbiologist was stabbed by a stranger while walking alone home at night. Since then, the Take Back the Night March and Rally has changed, evolved and grown. Now taking place in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and India, Take Back the Night focuses on eliminating sexual violence in all forms through the thousands of colleges, women's centers, and rape crisis centers.

10 Must Read Summer Books

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summer_reads.jpgIt may seem hard to believe, but we're only a few weeks away from the beginning of summer! And if you're anything like me, reading for pleasure during the school year can be tough, especially considering all the other seemingly-endless homework and studying that has to get done first. Because of this, I usually try to read as much as possible during the summer--but being the bookworm that I am, it can be hard to pick which books I want to read first!

Therefore, I've compiled this list for all of you--my top 10 must-read summer reads. Hopefully you'll find one or two (or all ten!) that spark your interest, and maybe it'll be a little easier choosing what to read first this summer.

Walk for Hunger.jpgAs a running fanatic. I'm always trying to get people around me to sign up for a 5K. Whether you walk or run, it really doesn't matter. Just finishing a 5K is a really positive experience. But if a feeling a personal satisfaction isn't enough to get you to the start line, what about signing up for a 5K to help out a deserving local charity? It was with this extra incentive in mind that the Simmons College 5K Walk/Run for Hunger was born.

The event, on Saturday, April 21st, begins at 10:00am with check-in and registration from 8:30am to 9:45am. The start will be in the Fenway across from the MCB. Participating is free! All that is asked is that you bring a minimum donation of 5 nonperishable food items that will be donated to the Greater Boston Food Bank.

By Maria Costigan
Staff Writer, Simmons Voice
Reposted from April 5, 2012 Simmons Voice issue

IGB.jpgSimmons College will join approximately 40,000 others who have spoken up in support of the It Gets Better Project - an online mission to prevent suicides in the teenage LGBT community by showing the fullness and vibrancy that their lives can achieve. On Thursday April 12th, these testimonies, whose subjects vary from the Boston Red Sox to anonymous people from the smallest towns across the country, will be joined by Simmons's own compilation at a launch party in the Kotzen room starting at 11:00 a.m..

SC Cribs: Designer Digs from South Hall

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Interview with Lauren Contic & Lyndlee Hayes, South Hall

Want some decorating tips? Looking for some new ideas? Perhaps you are just curious how other people have set up their bedroom. Whatever the reason, you will enjoy taking a trip with SC Cribs to first year Lauren & Lyndlee's South Hall room.

As a Campus Life Coordinator at Simmons College I have been asked to partake in some interesting events and programs. With every event I learn something about that student group and when I am really lucky I learn a little about myself. Alternative Spring Break (ASB) is one of the programs where I was challenged and learn about who I am as a staff member at Simmons and global citizen.

This year I found myself in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania. The group leaders Meghan O'Beirne, Laini Cassis and Naomi Chick led the trip with nine other members and two staff members following their lead. The challenges: We woke up early, worked hard, shared a close quarters and we had to prove at times how strong women can be, especially with labor intensive work. We also faced the grim reality of living conditions for some blue collared Americans. However, the rewards from this trip overshadowed each and every one of these challenges. Working side by side with the future homeowners was a privilege. Learning about demolition work and construction taught us new skills, patience, and appreciation for perfection in craftsmanship! I built a house, built upon my skills, and built friendships.