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Are you serving on Global Service Day?

GlobalService.jpgAs the warm weather starts to roll around and the academic year begins to come to a close, the amount of upcoming events on campus are numerous.

One event that is important to the Simmons College community is Global Service Day. Every year since 2000, Simmons College has celebrated with a college-wide Scholarship and Service Day Initiative. The Scott/ Ross Center hosts a variety of events that reflect Simmons' commitment as a College to service and the Boston community. Events have included workshops, service projects with community-partners on-and-off campus, letter writing campaigns, and pledge signings for the YWCA'S Stand Against Racism campaign.

Participate by signing up

Boston Living Center 9:30am-2:30pm

Community Servings 12:30pm-4pm

Boston Teacher's Union School Library 12:30pm-4pm

Women's Lunch Place 12:30-3pm

Boston Shine: Fenway Neighborhood Clean Up 1-4pm, Help clean up the Fenway/ Muddy Park area

Animal Rescue League 12:30-3pm

Mt. Pleasant Home Senior Home Center 12:30-4pm

Sociedad Latina 12:30-4pm

Strong Women, Strong Girls 2:30-5pm

Global Service Day Sign Up

Carolyn Grimes, Program Director at the Scott/Ross Center, has seen the growth and impact Global Service Day has had on the Simmons community over the years. Carolyn Grimes believes "Global Service Day is an excellent opportunity for students to give back to the community and learn about some of our community partners. There are many options both on campus and off to be involved and embody the Simmons mission". This year, Global Service Day will be on April 27th and there are plenty of service projects to get involved including volunteering with the Women's Lunch Place, Community Servings and many others.

Carolyn Grimes added, "I encourage students to get together with their friends and volunteer for the afternoon or to attend an event and meet new people! There should be something for everyone. Our community partners are expecting us and we need your help!"

To sign up to participate on April 27th, please visit and follow Global Service Day on Twitter at #gsd12.

Read about how the Simmons community came together for scholarship and service through last year's Global Service Day on the 300 The Fenway Blog.


Friday, April 27th is also...
The Eighth Annual Undergraduate Conference
sponsored by the CAS Dean's Office

Come check out the scholarship and creativity of Simmons undergraduates across all majors and programs. The Undergraduate Conference gives students an opportunity to display and discuss their projects, research, case studies, and more!

Not sure what goes on at the Undergraduate Conference? Check last year's project titles and participants. Also check out the slideshow of pictures from last year's conference.

By Vanessa Martinez on April 19, 2012 10:00 AM
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