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From 25 MB to 25 Gigs: Simmons has Gone Google!

From time to time we can all appreciate the aesthetics of something historic: a black and white film, an antique clock, a charming colonial home, Simmons College WebMail. With the introduction of Google Apps for Education, however, it's time to place WebMail on a shelf with all of the other trinkets. Students around campus are crying out with joy for the transition from WebMail to Google Apps for Education, and here's why: Students asked for this.

Last year, students were given a survey and asked to evaluate Throughout the surveys, there was an overwhelming aversion to WebMail, and we're excited to be able to remedy this situation. With Google Apps for Education, all student WebMail accounts will be transitioned into Gmail accounts. This process will begin in late May, and the best part is, student email addresses won't change, and students will still have access to emails received using WebMail. Among other things, this email transition will offer students way more inbox storage space, access to Google Apps, like calendaring, Sites, and Docs, and a modern, fresh, more efficient email interface.

The transition from WebMail to Gmail is part of a broader project that will implement a new online portal for students called "Simmons Connection." The project's informational site explains, "Simmons Connection isn't simply a new look for the old portal. We have structured it so we can integrate existing tools like AARC and course schedules, as well as new tools like our upcoming learning management system, Simmons Moodle. The Simmons Connection project is also designed to be ongoing. As we deploy new technology, we'll work to integrate it into Simmons Connection so you have access to everything you need." The full Simmons Connection site will launch this June.

If you have questions about the project, please check out

The FAQ page can be found here.

Thanks to Emily Chaves for her collaboration on this Blogpost.

By Kristi Swartz on April 26, 2012 10:00 AM
Category: Spotlight: Offices