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SC Cribs: Designer Digs from Morse Hall

nerissa.jpgInterview with Nerissa Chan, Morse Hall
Want some decorating tips? Looking for some new ideas? Want to know how Quadside Late Night Crafts and CAB Craft corners can help with your room decor? Perhaps you are just curious how other people have set up their bedroom. Whatever the reason, you will enjoy taking a trip with SC Cribs to RA Nerissa Chan's room in Morse Hall.

What is your favorite thing in your room?
My favorite thing in my room is probably a split between the rug and the fridge (oddly enough!) I found the rug secondhand for free and my fridge has been with me FOREVER. They both really help tie the room together.

If you had to describe your room in one work, what would it be?
In one word, I'd say my room is busy. It's colorful, a little creative, and definitely a bit cluttered; catch me in there on a busy day and it's like a whirlwind of craziness! But I'm usually pretty good about keeping it presentable, to say the least.

How do you best utilize the space that you have?
Because I have such a large space, I tried making it as comfortable as possible; being there's an open area to have people in and out. I even took my underbed drawer and made it into a mini couch for visitors to hangout.

How does your room reflect your personality?
I definitely love bright colors and I'm very friendly and open. I tried making my room very inviting and colorful by dressing up the cinderblock walls and the wood furniture. It's a little more like a lounge than a bedroom, which I think is nice so that it can be a place for both studying and napping.

Is your style affordable?
Absolutely! A lot of the decorations I have in my room are from on campus events such as Quadside Late Night Crafts, CAB Craft corners, and little knick knacks I get at free events on campus and around boston. I utilize whatever I have on hand or at home and I'm very conservative about buying new things mostly because there's always other ways to make it work with what you have.

Any last tips for students trying to make their room comfortable and a home away from home?
Make the investment for command hooks; they're the best for keeping things off the floor! Consider secondhand furniture or things that your friends are getting rid of, such as rugs, accessories, and anything else! Your room doesn't have to cost a lot to furnish or decorate :)

By Leigh Viscomi on April 24, 2012 10:00 AM
Category: Spotlight: Students