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SC Cribs: Designer Digs from South Hall

Interview with Lauren Contic & Lyndlee Hayes, South Hall

Want some decorating tips? Looking for some new ideas? Perhaps you are just curious how other people have set up their bedroom. Whatever the reason, you will enjoy taking a trip with SC Cribs to first year Lauren & Lyndlee's South Hall room.

southrm2.jpgWhat is your favorite thing in your room?
Lauren: My bed is my home.
Lyndlee: My bed is my favorite thing in our room.

If you had to describe your room in one work, what would it be?
Both: Artistic

How do you best utilize the space that you have?
Lyndlee: We pretty much pack it full, and use every inch of space possible. Including the walls for decorations and such.

How does your room reflect your personality?

Lauren: It reflects my creativity, craftiness and interest in art. I also try to keep it clean, because I am an organized person.
Lyndlee: I think it reflects the most important parts of my life along with my artistic ability.

Is your style affordable?
Lauren: Extremely. I made almost all of my decorations, and for everything else I take pride in my bargain shopping skills.
Lyndlee: Christmas Tree shop and Marshall's were my best friends. Enough said.

Any last tips for students trying to make their room comfortable and a home away from home?
Both: Surround it with things that you love and make you happy. No space is too small to enjoy. Comfort is key.

By Leigh Viscomi on April 4, 2012 10:00 AM
Category: Housing