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Picture Perfect

crew photo.pngEver taken a photo with a film camera? Ever wondered how to use the "manual" settings on a camera? When I arrived at Simmons, I wasn't sure if people even used film cameras anymore and I certainly had no idea how to use the manual settings on a camera. Now as a junior, teaching people how to use a film camera is my job!

ariel photo.pngTo the surprise of many, Simmons offers an array of photography classes ranging from introductory courses in digital and traditional photography to more advanced classes such as documentary and contemporary photography. We even have our own digital printing photography lab and a complete darkroom. Who knew, right?

Photography is everywhere (textbooks, Facebook, posters, magazines, billboards, etc) and prevalent on our campus. I mean, it's pretty hard not to Instagram a picture of our good looking campus or take a group photo with your friends! Not only are students using or seeing photos in their every day life but we have students at Simmons with some amazing photography projects and businesses. Take a moment to check out some photographers at Simmons!

victory garden photo.pngPhoto credits (in order from top to bottom):

Untitled, photo by Taylor Paige Photography

Ariel, photo by Kate Michaud from the "Damsels of Disney" project

Victory Garden, photo by Ariella Brown

By Kate Michaud on October 26, 2012 10:00 AM
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