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Getting around Boston: Tips from a commuter and resident student

stormy shark on bike.pngIf you are commuting to Simmons, a job, or an internship, how do you plan to get there? Commuting around Boston presents its own challenges and benefits, so think about which mode of transportation makes the most sense for you.

Before coming to Simmons, I spent a year commuting by car to my local community college. Then, for my first semester at Simmons, I lived in an apartment a few miles from campus. I soon learned that driving in Boston can be painfully slow and expensive. So I traveled mostly by bicycle, and sometimes by the T. When I moved onto the residence campus I used Hubway bikes to get to and from my internship in downtown Boston.

Commuting by bike proved to be a great way to save time and money. Biking was a fun start to my mornings, especially when surrounded by many other bike commuters on the bike-friendly roads of Boston. Also, a few minutes of light exercise and fresh air helped me wake up in time for my 8 a.m. Spanish class. Students who do not want to worry about bike maintenance and storage should look into using high-quality Hubway bikes!

Even while relying on my own two wheels, I still invested in a semester T pass. Taking the bus and the T proved to be great backup during bad weather and when my backpack became heavy. When riding the T, I recommend testing out the route, using the buddy system, and becoming familiar with the MBTA website. Also try using helpful apps for the T. Of course, being street-smart is being safe; don't use your smart phone on the T, but do bring a book to pass the time.

Being a commuter isn't easy - whether you're traveling to Simmons or to work, you have to be committed, prepared and street-smart to get there on time. No matter how you plan to commute, check the weather and map out your route in advance. You can also take advantage of a commuter locker at Simmons to store an extra umbrella and pair of shoes.

As a commuter, your route may be unique, but remember that you are not alone. Simmons is supportive of commuters, and offers transportation information, support for cyclists, and support for commuter students.

By Laini Cassis on October 25, 2012 8:00 AM
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