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November 2012 Archives

Simmons Celebrates SHARK WEEK

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shark week banner.jpg

Last week Simmons showed its Shark pride with tons of fun events hosted by OSLA. All week, students got their picture taken with Stormy and hunted down mini sharks that were hidden all over campus. Stakes were high at Tuesday's Card Shark Casino, & students got super creative at Wednesday's Cake Decorating Competition. On Thursday, everyone surfed a sugar high after the Shark Snack Attack - a candy giveaway with 300 pounds of free candy! Things wrapped up with an epic battle at Friday's Laser Tag Shark Attack.


What are you thankful for?

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happy thx.jpgA while ago I clicked on a twitter link to a TED talk that started with a statement, "Imagine if you could record your can go back and find memorable moments and relive them...sift through traces of time and discover patterns in your own life that had gone previously undiscovered..." The TED talk by MIT researcher Deb Roy went on to show a project that this speaker embarked on that captured on video the first two years of his son' life. While the project was interesting in itself, what really captured my attention was the "question" embedded at the beginning of his presentation.

On the Town, On the Cheap!

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Boston is a mecca for exceptional theater and there is an opportunity to see a show almost every night. Whether or not you are an avid theater-goer, here are few regional theater shows that you should check out this fall. Read on for some helpful tips on how to get discounted tickets.

Now or Later.jpgNow Or Later

- The Boston Globe

On election night, the son of a presidential candidate sends his father's political team into crisis mode when controversial photos of him at a college party spread over the internet, potentially sparking an international incident. Smart and timely, Christopher Shinn's searching new play examines religion, freedom of expression, and personal responsibility.

Written by Christopher Shinn, Directed by Michael Wilson
Presented by Huntington Theatre Company 10/12/2012-11/10/2012

Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson.jpgBloody Bloody Andrew Jackson

"Insanely funny! The smartest, sharpest new musical in years."
- Time Out NY

Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson recreates and reinvents the life of 'Old Hickory,' from his humble beginnings on the Tennessee frontier to his days as our seventh Commander-in-Chief. Using an anachronism-filled emo-rock score, the show tells the story of America's first maverick president, who kicked British butt, shafted the Indians, and smacked down the Spaniards, all in the name of these United States.

Book by Alex Timbers, 
Music & Lyrics by Michael Friedman
, Directed by Paul Melone
Presented by SpeakEasy Stage Company
 10/19/2012 - 11/17/2012

Did Sandy Cast an Early Vote?

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vote image 2.pngAs you may know (I really hope you do no matter your political stances), Election Day is this Tuesday! This year will be an election to remember not only because of the various controversial platforms and conflicting messages being received, but also because of the long-lasting effects hurricane Sandy may have on this year's election. Michael Cooper of the New York Times reports that the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy is threatening to create Election Day chaos in some storm-racked sections of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut - and some effects may also be felt in other states, including Pennsylvania, where some polling sites still lacked power on Friday morning.