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SC Cribs: Designer Digs from Arnold Hall

corey's apt banner 2.PNGI recently had the chance to interview Corey, the Resident Director of Arnold Hall, about his fabulous apartment.

subway signs.PNG What is your favorite thing about your apartment?
My favorite items in my apartment would be the 1920's subway signs that I mounted on canvas stretchers. I love them because they are a part of history and I made them myself. They are items I saw on eBay and decided to get crafty. I measure and cut the stretchers as well as the canvas.

If you had to describe your apartment in one word, what would it be?

How do you best utilize the space that you have?
I try and make use of everything. So if I have open shelving but do not want it to look clutter I place the items in baskets and place them on the shelf.

How does your room reflect your personality?
I love old mixed with more modern and traditional items. I feel like my apartment is like me. It is clean and creative.

letters.PNGIs your style affordable?
There are parts that are affordable. The furniture probably wouldn't be affordable for a college student but many of the items are. For instance the letters over my couch were on sale. I waited until they would be. I waited until I could barely find my initials! The books seen next to the money tree were free! I grabbed them here on campus when one of the professors retired. They are great old books with beautiful colors. The NYC Subway signs were fairly inexpensive. The 3 over my table cost me about $60.00 between the eBay purchase of the old canvas and the stretchers. They are a steal considering Restoration Hardware is selling reproductions in a variety of sizes starting at $400.00! The artwork in my hallway was super inexpensive. I bought a 4 pack of frames (including the matting) for $20.00 and a paper map from Dick Blick for $2.00, cut it up and had 4 pieces of art.

Any last tips for students trying to make their room comfortable and a home away from home?
Not everything needs to be expensive. You can find many of these items online or in the SoWa Market! Get creative. Making some of your own artwork or other items always makes your place feel like your own because 1. You found the items 2. You created it! 3. There is a story.

By Kristi Swartz on December 6, 2012 11:00 AM
Category: Spotlight: Students