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snow.jpgThis blog post was going to be about the poetry slam. I couldn't wait to get introduced to people's secrets, their innermost thoughts, their struggles. Unfortunately, the slam was postponed. Snowpacolypse 2013 happened and Nemo (as the storm was so pleasantly named) came at us hard, and shut down the city.

While much of the city enjoyed a long weekend of relaxation and playing in the snow, here at Simmons Team Awesome UNICCO and Team Awesome BARTOL STAFF were working around the clock to make sure that students had enough food to eat and clear and safe pathways to walk on. Even Res Life and OSLA staff were pitching in!

There was a ban on road travel, so Bartol and Unicco staffs were asked to stay in the residence halls. Res Life had already put some rooms aside for the overnight guests so they could sleep in warm beds. Students pitched in and brought toiletries. When it finally came to bedtime, because they are a tight knit team, the Bartol employees decided they would rather camp out in Bartol and stay together.

The next morning, students were greeted with delicious hot food and all the fruits we could eat. Not only did students have a great brunch but they were also greeted warmly by our dedicated staff members. The Bartol and Unicco employees did a great job of keeping everything together this blizzard weekend. It always means a lot when people truly care about their work.

If you have not done so already, please make sure that you sign the posters that are hanging in Bartol by the benches. I think we owe them a HUGE thank you.

This weekend, I saw something great happen. I saw care and dedication from Team Awesome. It warms my heart when you see how much love, care and dedication the staff have for Simmons. You guys rock!!!! Get it Simmons!

By Gina Louis on February 11, 2013 11:00 AM
Category: Students Bloggers