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My Final Swim Team Training Trip for Simmons


Every year since my first year at Simmons I have participated in the most intense two-a-day swimming training of my life, called the 'training trip'. Typically we have gone to different locations in Florida, or like my sophomore year to Puerto Rico, this past year we trained in Jupiter, Florida near Ft. Lauderdale. These days are filled with early mornings, lots of sun screen, and of course swimming. We swim roughly 5-7 miles a day in a pool, 50meters, which is more than twice the size of our Simmons home pool 25yards.

This past year was by far the best experience of all my four training trips. The team dynamic, the location, and the level of performance by both my teammates and I was inspiring, and reflecting back on that time while still in the midst of the most intense part of our season, we can truly see the results. At our first meets back in yards we were seeing teammates across the board with not only season's best times, but lifetime best times. I was one of those people. Training as hard as I have for all four years, the prospect of my graduation frightened me. What if I still have so much more to give? What if I'll never reach my potential? Never know how good I could have been? I am no rest assured I will be carried by my hard work to the rest of my life the way I am leaving my swim season and my college career, with a bang.

By Molly Bohannon on February 5, 2013 10:00 AM
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