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SC Cribs: Designer Digs from a Dix RA

I recently had the chance to chat with Kelsey Duchesne, a Dix RA, about how she created "home" here at Simmons.

Kelsey's room 1.jpgWhat is your favorite thing in your room?

I brought a portion of my Buddha collection with me from home, and have them scattered all around my room. Each one has a different place, story or person tied to it, so it's nice to be reminded of wonderful memories every day.

If you had to describe your room in one word what would it be?

I would say my room is very eclectic! There are so many different colors and patterns and nic-nacs, but together it all seems to work.

Kelsey's room 3.jpgHow do you best utilize the space you have?

I have a very fierce rule for myself: keep my room neat. When my room is neat, it can be anything. It can be a comfortable bedroom, a quiet study space, or a warm and welcoming place for my friends to gather. You can get so much use out of your room simply by picking up your clothes and making your bed in the morning.

How does your room reflect your personality?

It's difficult for me to just throw out adjectives that I (hope) people will associate me with. All I know is that everything in my room is there for a reason; I think it's beautiful, or there is a story behind it, or it compliments my interests. Anyone who knows me could come into this room and immediately know that it's mine.

Kelsey's room 2.jpgIs your style affordable?

Yes, definitely! I'll pick up inexpensive items all the time to add to my room. I bought the prayer flags above my bed at a shop in my hometown for $5, and last time I was at the Museum of Fine Arts I bought a bunch of postcards from the new Mario Testino exhibit for a dollar each. Decorating your room does not need to be an expensive process- just keep your eyes peeled!

Any last tips for students trying to turn their room into a home away from home?

Put effort into decorating your room. I know students who have the mentality of "i'm going to have to move this stuff out eventually, why does it matter?", but coming back to a room that feels "homey" is so incredibly important. Don't be afraid of putting something up, not liking it, and taking it down. Think of your room as your own personal art project, and do whatever makes you happy.

By Kristi Swartz on February 21, 2013 10:00 AM
Category: Spotlight: Students