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Campus Conversations On Race

CCOR banner.pngI applied to be a part of Campus Conversations on Race (CCOR) as a first year student because I wanted to have discussions about real issues over tea. By the end of the semester I gained knowledge, friendships and valuable experiences I would not have gotten anywhere else. The following semester I was asked to co-facilitate the program and now I am on the Like Minds e-board as the CCOR representative and I'm in my fourth semester with the program.

Like Minds sponsors Campus Conversations on Race and other events/groups that emphasize diversity and inclusion. Campus Conversations on Race is a Like Minds program that meets one hour per week for six weeks. Students are given a CCOR handbook and during the program we discuss specific scenarios, theories on roots of the problem and possible solutions. During the last meeting we talk about ways we can personally work towards race amity and what the next steps would be to end racism in our institutions and in our world communities.

We are excited to see that the program is growing! We have had enough interest to have two conversations going on at once. We currently have four co-facilitators and with more applications come more conversations because the program is designed for small groups. We hope that every student will have a chance to be a part of the conversation during their time at Simmons. Think about joining next fall and email for more information!

By Zenaida Peterson on March 13, 2013 10:00 AM
Category: Spotlight: Organizations