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Tour the dorms right from your computer!

It's that time of year - housing selection! Join our very own Woman on Campus, Sarah Galvez, as she tours the dorms in her four part series.

Dorm Series, Simmons Hall

In this video, Sarah takes you on a tour of Simmons Hall. This hall features primarily first year housing as well as the sports pride theme community.

Dorm Series, Smith Hall

In the second video of Sarah's dorm series, you will see an upperclass dorm, Smith Hall. It has some cool features like suite style housing, bathrooms attached to every room, and Quadside Cafe is located on the basement floor.

Dorm Series, Mesick Hall

In this video Sarah is taking you around another hall on the residence campus. Mesick is also home to a theme community, the foodie floor, where students who have a love of food and cooking can share this interest with other students on their floor.

Dorm Series, Morse Hall

In this video Sarah takes you on a tour of Morse Hall. It was renovated in the summer of 2012, and many people are excited about some of the new updates. Morse has some special aspects compared to the other dorms since it houses the arts and crafts theme community on the 4th floor.

By Jess Faulk on March 26, 2013 2:01 PM
Category: Housing