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Reflections on Fall

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Contributed by Mary Ying

Mary Ying is a freshman undergraduate student at Simmons College. As the season changes, Mary reflects on her first few months as a Simmons student.

The breeze is soft and the air is brisk as I pass by the prestigious doors of Winsor School, and trace my way along the gates that border the Res campus on Pilgrim side.

Golden foliage lines the edge of this back road in soft piles on the cool, cement gray sidewalks. I bend over and brush my hand against them as I stroll by. A familiar earthy fragrance wafts up and brushes against my face.

Fall always marks a time of change during the New England year. The sun begins to set a little sooner. The day has a different glow. And a new school year has just begun.

But lately, the wash of colors in the urban treescape reminds me of home. The smell of fallen leaves brings me back to sitting in my suburban backyard, journaling and doing homework in the distinct warmth of the autumn sun.

Fall in the city this year is both pulling me back, as well as pushing me forward. The early sunset brings about bittersweet nostalgia that marks the end of another satisfying summer, and consequently, another phase of my life. But its subsequent sunrise brings light on another day in this new life that I have started on campus.

Now as a freshman at Simmons, I walk these winding city roads and can't help but think about how I am now walking down new paths in my life. Every split in road represents a new decision that I'll have to make as part of my college career.

Getting settled at school has been both intimidating and exciting, but I'm glad to be walking and no longer just sitting around. There are times where it is tempting to feel alienated, but luckily, home doesn't feel so far away among the fallen leaves.


By Mary Ying on October 24, 2013 10:33 AM
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