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November 2013 Archives

First Impressions: Residence Grad Student

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Submitted by: Giselle Delotch

I am a grad student, originally from San Diego, CA, and I started at Simmons College last spring. This is my second semester living on campus and overall my impression of living on campus has been very positive. I wanted to write about my impression of on campus living because at times lot of focus is put on undergraduate student life as they are the majority on the residential campus and I think there is something to be said for the graduate on campus experience.

Construbited by: Sarah Cyr-Mutty



We hear this term used a lot, but it's a rather vague term that everyone is just expected to understand. Generally, when we talk about safer sex, we're talking about sex that includes consent and will reduce the risk of pregnancy or transmission of STIs. However, it's super important to note that safer sex can look different for everyone. What safer sex looks like between two monogamous women might be really different from what safer sex looks like for a non-monogamous woman who has sex with men or for an abstinent trans person.


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Contributed by: Kara Silva


As an athlete myself, I know that when the stands are full with cheering family, friends, classmates, faculty, staff, and more the athletic teams being supported perform better! Simmons College is home to 10 Division III Sports teams that are all fun and exciting to watch and cheer along to help the teams succeed. 

Balancing Life, School, and Home.

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Contributed by: Mary Ying


Life's a balancing act, and nowhere does that feel more apparent than during your first few months of college. It seems like everything needs to be juggled in timely fashion--friends, clubs, school work, sports, and even time to rest.

Red Sox Reflections

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Contributed by Claudia Lawry

November has breezed its way onto campus, which means the start of many things: the holiday season, snow falling, and the dreaded pre-finals crunch. Most of us, including myself, are still euphoric about the Red Sox's triumphant World Series victory over the St. Louis Cardinals (and subsequent "Rolling Rally" parade on Duck Boats). Although many of us are familiar with the "breaking of the curse" in 2004 and 2007, 2013 marks the first year since 1918 that the Sox have clinched the championship at home in Fenway.

Just a few of the many pictures from a joyous week in Boston.

Salem Trip Oct, 2013

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Circle K (a community service organization) and the class of 2016 collaborated the weekend before Halloween to take students to the location of the Salem witch trials, Salem Massachusetts. You did not need to be affiliated with the organizations that hosted it and tickets were available in the Office of Student Leadership and Activities (OSLA). Students were able to see 3 attractions for only $5! Simmons provided transportation (by bus) there and back and it was not a long ride at all, Salem is pretty close and you can get there by public transportation! We left at 9:30 and after arriving before 10:30 we had until 4:30 to be back on the bus.