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Salem Trip Oct, 2013


Circle K (a community service organization) and the class of 2016 collaborated the weekend before Halloween to take students to the location of the Salem witch trials, Salem Massachusetts. You did not need to be affiliated with the organizations that hosted it and tickets were available in the Office of Student Leadership and Activities (OSLA). Students were able to see 3 attractions for only $5! Simmons provided transportation (by bus) there and back and it was not a long ride at all, Salem is pretty close and you can get there by public transportation! We left at 9:30 and after arriving before 10:30 we had until 4:30 to be back on the bus.

Once we arrived and received our tickets my friends and I went to the haunted houses and the Wax Museum where we learned a lot about the Salem witch trials. In the museum my friend and I learned about a street with houses all built around the 1800's where many of the people involved lived. Salem is a small town so everything was in walking distance so we were able to find it easily. After going away from the touristy parts of the town it felt like walking into the movie Hocus Pocus, we even found the house where the female main character lived and was having a party on Halloween night! We wandered around the town exploring and found a Warf with an old boat that used to carry goods back and forth from Europe that was free for the public to go inside.  We also found old antique stores and visited lots of vendors and small shops. It was the perfect weekend to get away from the city and enjoy autumn! Events and trips like this one happen all the time and it is a great way to learn and experience something new in such an affordable way! Not to mention I got lots of great photos for my photography class!

By Zenaida Peterson on November 5, 2013 1:59 PM
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