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Contributed by: Kara Silva


As an athlete myself, I know that when the stands are full with cheering family, friends, classmates, faculty, staff, and more the athletic teams being supported perform better! Simmons College is home to 10 Division III Sports teams that are all fun and exciting to watch and cheer along to help the teams succeed. 

Just recently, the Volleyball team made it all the way to the GNAC semifinals where they sadly fell to the Rivier Raiders. However, the stands at the match were packed, and the Sharks had tons of support and ended the season with theirthird-straight semifinal appearance! If you're wondering where you can find when all these matches, games, meets, and other sporting competitions take place, so that you can attend or at least post a FaceBook status wishing the Sharks the best of luck at their competition, the Athletics page on the Simmons College website, found here, has a full updated schedule. So whether you can make it to the competitions or not, it is important that we keep supporting our athletic programs to help them succeed. Lastly, always remember; whether we win or lose, Simmons Athletics always strive to keep a positive, sportsmanlike attitude!! See you at the next Simmons sporting event!

By Stormy Shark on November 14, 2013 11:56 AM
Category: Spotlight: Organizations