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A Post-Script for Winter Break

It's closing time here in the residence halls, and as the rooms empty one by one, each student completing their respective finals to depart for winter break, I'm left with a sort of bittersweet sentimentality:

Happy to be going home for the first time in several months for a hard-earned and well-deserved vacation, but also surprisingly mildly reluctant because I have grown to love it here so much on campus. 

It's hard to imagine that as a freshman, I now have one semester of college under my belt. It seems small but at the same time, so much has been packed into these turbulent first few months--including how I have grown because of it.

I completed my first set of college classes, performed in a dance concert, joined a varsity sport and just experienced the ridiculous but certainly memorable moments that come with living and attending school with thousands of fellow students.

The first snow of the season, captured on res campus.

Just thinking about all the people I have met and the adventures we've had boggles my mind a bit.  Take for example, finals week in itself:

In the course of a little over a week, filled with stressful cramming and completion of culmulative projects, I was nonethless able to indulge in exam-induced shenanigans such as late night food runs, spontaneous dance breaks in the common lounge, and absolutely necessary baking parties (all constructively intended to punctuate studying, of course) with the people I have come to know as friends and hallmates.

You don't find those unique experiences many places else.

Gratuitous bathroom finals humour (courtesy of my floormates)


A couple months ago, I first posted about how I was still learning to settle and make Boston my home. I think it is safe to say that in the weeks following then, I have made myself more than simply comfortable on campus. I have indeed made a home. That's partially what made packing my suitcase so confusing. I couldn't get my brain to function and believe that I was leaving to go back home, when home had slowly but surely become here at Simmons.

In the hours that I had between emerging from my last exam and departing, I spent some time doing some much-needed tidying in my room. My roommate had already left and flown back to her hometown, so it was just me, my clutter, and a miniature vacuum. 

As I wrapped up organizing all my things, I stood and looked around the room fondly. The walls were decorated with photos, the christmas lights strung across the ceiling gave the room a warm glow, and the space felt cozy, filled with personal touches here and there to remind one of the true comforts of home. . .

I'll enjoy my time back in the surburbs--I know that I will--but seeing how this has been such a great first semester in such a wonderful city, I certainly look forward to coming back and seeing what semester 2 has in store!

All spiffy and ready for round 2!

'Till next time, when I literally see you all again next year.

Have a lovely winter break.


By Mary Ying on December 18, 2013 1:04 PM
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