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Dance, Dance

Finals week is upon us here at Simmons, and no place sounds cozier (or more terrifying) than your favorite study room in the library. In a break from the monotony of Spanish homework, last Saturday fellow blogger Mary Ying and I spent the day dancing with over 150 other Colleges of the Fenway Dance Project participants at our end-of-the-semester recital. Throughout the semester, students take free (save for a small costume fee) performance classes with COF instructors or enlist fellow dancers to perform their own choreography.

Some of my lovely new friends and general backstage silliness.

Given that I have never danced or been involved with performing arts before in my life (as it turns out, prancing around my kitchen at home isn't really dancing), I had my reservations about starting in college. I mistakenly assumed that everyone else had been born wearing pointe shoes and doing triple pirouettes. Even though most of the girls in my class had been dancing for years, they were extremely supportive and constantly offered up helpful corrections when I would do silly things like turn the wrong way on a pirouette or forget to point my toes (like everything in life, it's still a work in progress). The day of the recital was long and at times stressful, but being able to bond with students from other schools about hairspray, costume malfunctions (safety pins, not diamonds, are a girl's real best friend), and other dance-related things was a refreshing change from the frayed "everywoman" demeanor I have at school. As one dancer quietly summarized backstage between numbers, "The best part about this recital is everyone wants to be here. I used to make hideous faces on stage when I was younger because my mother made me dance. But I'm here now because I love it."

And indeed, it's been a grand total of less than a week and I'm already in serious dance withdrawal. Preparation for our spring show doesn't begin until late January, but I wish it would come a little faster. If nothing else, I am grateful not only for the opportunity to express myself through dance but also because I took the plunge and did something new. As I left home, every college-educated adult figure in my life (and my own parents) reminded me that "college is a time for discovering who you are and trying new things!" Being a hesitant person, I was naturally skeptical of their claims - but as always, they were correct. Simply put, donning my leotard and ballet slippers every Tuesday night was one of the best decisions I made this semester.

But until next class, I have to tide myself over with a video of the final performance - which, if you find yourself desperately needing a study break, you should absolutely watch if you haven't already! Unfortunately, it's from a cell phone camera - but lackluster quality aside, you can clearly see the talent my fellow dancers possess.


(For my performance, skip to the 11-minute mark. For Mary's hip-hop class, go to 45:30).

Keep calm and finish strong, dear reader - you're almost done (if you're not already)!

Until next semester,


By Claudia Lawry on December 12, 2013 12:00 PM
Category: Simmons Campus Events