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Winter Break Closing


Residence Halls close Thursday, December 19th at Noon.

Once you finish up your finals its time to finally TAKE A BREAK!  But Before you head home to wrap yourself into a blanket burrito and attempt to control Netflix with your mind so you can binge watch all 8 season of How I Met Your Mother, make sure your on campus room is ready for the winter season!

Before leaving for the winter break: 

Please complete the following closing checklist, by checking each item off on the paper your RA will place on your door. The last roommate to leave should verify that these tasks have been completed, sign and date the checklist form, and tape it to your door. 
  • Close and lock windows/leave shades up (removing all valuables from window area)
  • Defrost and clean refrigerators/leave doors open
  • Turn off lights/unplug appliances
  • Secure your valuables/take home fish and live plants
  • Remove all trash and perishable food
  • Remove all personal belongings from the communal bathrooms & kitchens
  • Lock your door 

Residence Life staff will be inspecting student rooms and the common areas to assure compliance with safety and security measures.Refrigerators and other electronic items will be unplugged that are left plugged in. When you sign the closing checklist, it means that your room is ready to be inspected by the ResStaff member.

By Kat Michael on December 17, 2013 10:48 AM
Category: Housing