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Bartol Hall: More Than Just a Cafeteria.

Contributed by: Megan Ludgate, Sophomore and Production Manager for Bartol


Bartol Hall, the dining hall on the residence campus, is located at the center of the residence buildings. But it is more than just the physical center of the campus. Bartol Hall offers students a place to relax, meet with friends and eat good food. It is central to students' campus life.

Rose Dumais, a sophomore, says Bartol is, "a place to unwind, with a fair variety of options for meals. It's a nice place to sit with friends for an hour or so to catch up. In addition, the staff are helpful and dedicated". Kendall Bauer, also a sophomore, also commented on the staff, saying, "the staff are always really friendly. [Bill, the manager], is really helpful getting me the food I need."

The staff themselves enjoy customer service and the connections they make with the students. Kevin DeChristopher, a morning supervisor, says he likes working at Bartol because he likes customer service and meeting new people. Although he finds the work challenging, he also said it is fun to work through that. Reggie Medley, the chef at Bartol, says he enjoys working there because there is a real sense of caring and friendship among the employees. "There is a human aspect of working here; the manager cares about the feelings of his employees and the students".

Both students and staff enjoy the different themed events Bartol puts on. Winter Wonderland is a traditional event organized by the freshman class every year, with themes such as CandyLand and Yule Ball. OktoberFest also is a favorite among students, offering a festival fall experience. The upcoming Chinese New Year event, today from 5-9pm in Bartol will offer a fun atmosphere and delicious themed food for dinner.

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By Stormy Shark on January 29, 2014 7:31 PM
Category: Spotlight: Offices