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Getting to Know: South Hall

Contributed by: Laini Cassis

South Hall.jpgHere at the Simmons College residence campus, there are nine different residence halls. Each one has their own qualities and characteristics. When you live on campus for a while, you can easily figure it all out. But for now, let's focus on my favorite residence hall, which is South Hall.

I moved into South Hall in my first year at Simmons, lived in another hall for my sophomore year, and have returned to South Hall for my junior and senior years of college. South Hall is truly a gem on campus, and here's why:

  1. It's classy. Imagine this: It's winter in Boston, and you are walking from class back to your dorm in the dark. Upon entering your residence hall, you hear someone playing the grand piano, you see the chandelier lights dimmed, and you smell someone cooking dinner in the kitchen. That's right: the South Hall lounge is fully furnished with a grand piano, a huge chandelier, and a fireplace.

  2. It's historic. South Hall was the first residence hall at Simmons, and it is over 100 years old! That means that South Hall is loaded with tradition, connecting all of its residents to the longstanding history of Simmons College. Over the years, the building itself hasn't changed much, so it can feel like you are travelling back in time by living here.

  3. It's home-y. The stairwells are made of dark, rustic wood. The doors and windows are lined with the same real wood too, and it adds character to every room. Just add some curtains and a rug and it's really a home away from home. I love curling up in the upholstered furniture in the South Hall lounge with a book, because it feels like my own living room!

  4. It's chill. I would describe the residents of South Hall as mellow and mature. If you've had a hectic day, there's no better place to return to than a relaxed and peaceful residence hall full of friends. You can always count on South Hall to be a quiet retreat from stress, and a dependable place to focus on your homework.

  5. It's convenient. South Hall is the closest residence hall to the Holmes Sports Center, so bad weather is never an excuse to skip a workout. It is also connected to Bartol dining hall through an awning, so I don't get rained on when I'm going to dinner! This location on campus is simply great for students on the go!

Now I am a senior and enjoying my last moments of living in South Hall. I think residents really learn to love it here, and it's become one of my favorite things about Simmons College!


By Stormy Shark on January 23, 2014 12:59 PM
Category: Housing