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Emily and Kelsey's Winter Essentials for Spring Semester.

Contributed by: Emily and Kelsey

It's about that time of year in Boston when all of the stores on Newbury street are setting out their spring collections, but us shoppers are still piling on layers and layers of sweaters, jackets, and heavy boots trying to stay optimistic that winter will ever come to an end. Late February in New England is a cruel joke. Our professors call it "Spring Semester" but there isn't anything SPRING about it. We are still buried under fresh snow, going out in bone-chilling wind, and huddling together at T stops to stay warm. It's going to get better, but we have to stick it out a little longer first. Before you go out and buy your pastel colored skinny jeans or your "Spring Knit Scarf" (whatever that is), let's reflect on the essentials you may have realized you needed this winter.

Emily's Picks


They're the best for lamping around your dorm room, wearing with Hunter or LL Bean boots, and even with running shoes if you're feeling brave. Woolrich and LL Bean have great waterproof wool socks that will last. Anything with "Marino Wool" on the tag will keep your feet cozy and warm.


Perfect for wearing under jeans or under a mini-skirt - fleece lined tights can also be layered with other tights to keep your legs warm when you're sick of wearing pants every day. They're comfy and can be purchased on Amazon or at Urban Outfitters.


Beanies can be for fashion as well as warmth! They're the best - they come in any color and you can find really unique ones on Etsy that will make an outfit. I always keep a beanie in my backpack in case of a sudden snow shower. Nothing is worse than frozen ears!


Smartphone-friendly tech gloves don't have to be ugly! More and more brands are putting out fashionable tech gloves. Now you can stay warm and check Next Bus (or your email to see if classes were cancelled because of a blizzard) at the same time!

Kelsey's Picks

Static Guard

This weather causes a common, ahem, shock that I'm not a fan of- the static shock. If you're sick of feeling the static, try Static Guard. You can spray it in your hair, on your clothes, and even in your sheets! It's a great way to eliminate those pesky shocks.


It's no secret that your skin gets dry in the wintertime, and I've learned that the best prevention is to keep moisturizing in my routine. Before bed, I use St. Ives hydrating lotion, and always apply it after drying off from a shower. Its wonderful for sensitive and dry skin, and has certainly helped me brave the cold and dry elements!


I truly know its winter when I wake up to the sharp pain of my lips dry and cracked. This typically only happens one, however, because I am a notorious chapstick hoarder. I've never really used a chapstick I didn't like (except for maybe the root beer flavored one), but my new favorite is EOS lip balm, in sweet mint. The container and presentation of the lip balm is modern and fun, and its kept my lips hydrated all winter long!

Puffy coat

At 5'11, I realized after 2 harsh Boston winters was that I needed a puffy coat. A coat that was long, warm, and comfortable. Do I feel like a large marshmallow at times? Yes, absolutely. Aside from the occasional chuckle at the size of my coat, I have learned to EMBRACE THE PUFF. The best time to start looking for a puffy coat is in March or April- I got mine for 50 percent off at Macey's in the offseason, and I've never looked back!

Winter Boots

I learned in my first year at Simmons that designated winter boots were a must after ruining a great pair of leather ones. Because I'm a passionate Mainer, I love Bean Boots. Rather than the classic L.L. Bean boots, I prefer the hiking boots. The hiking boots are great in the winter because they are water resistant, meant for long walks (which happens often when going from class to my internship to Res campus), and have great traction for your journeys in the snow and slush.  


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