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Get to Know a Shark: Christina

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Meet Christina!

 She is a sophomore here at Simmons College. Christina's thinking of majoring in English or Biology- or even both! Get the rest of the scoop on what it's like to be a sophomore here at Simmons, from Christina's point-of-view.

Why did you choose Simmons College?What did Simmons offer that other schools didn't?

When I was first applying to colleges, Simmons wasn't on my radar. I had never thought about going to an all-women's college and I honestly thought that it wouldn't be something that I'd like. But my mom kept suggesting it, so I decided to go for a tour. I immediately fell in love with Simmons and the laid back feel of everyone. I thought the quad on the Residence Campus looked like a little oasis.

What kinds of activities are you involved in at Simmons? Sports, clubs, organizations? What about outside of school?

During my first year, I joined the crew team. It's a lot of fun and a great way to meet friends, but be ready for getting your butt kicked in the gym! I'm not involved in a club right now but being in the city is like a little adventure club in itself. Sometimes it's really nice to go for a walk and go into a bookstore or coffee shop I've never been to before.

If you could choose one adjective to describe the Simmons student body, which would you choose?


Tell us about your majors(s)/minor(s)! Why did you choose it/them?

Still undeclared! I love writing so I've been leaning towards an English major on the writing track, but I also love animals and have been thinking about Biology. Maybe I'll double major!

What was your favorite class and why?

Creative Non-Fiction Writing Non-Fiction with Professor Pei. I know people don't usually think about non-fiction and creative writing going together, but really, this class is so much fun. You sit around in a circle and read your work, which might sound intimidating but the class is judgment-free.

What is your dream? This doesn't have to be limited to just a job. It can be a charity you want to found, maybe you want to design and build your own house. Maybe you want lots of kids! This can be anything at all!

My dream is to write a screenplay and sell it to a production company.

What is one piece of advice you would give to a high school senior applying to colleges? Is there anything you wish you knew about Simmons, or college in general, before arriving?

Don't rule anything out just because it sounds different. Go to the college and explore. Sometimes you need to do this alone, without your parents, so you can get a real feel about for what it would be like to go to school.

What do you do for fun on weekends? On or off campus? What's a typical weekend like for you? Maybe a cool spot you love to go to? What would you recommend a new student to Simmons and the Boston area do?

I'm a bit of a foodie. I like to try out new restaurants all over the Boston area. It's a good way to find out more about the city and get used to the T (aka the [otherwise known as the MBTA, -the public transit system in Boston)]. When it's really nice outside or when all the Christmas lights are out, I go for walks with friends to get cupcakes from George Town.

Do you live on or off campus? What is it like?

I live on campus, and if you can, I suggest living on campus. It's easier getting to know people if you do. Luckily, my roommate experiences have always been good and I like living in the dorms. It's challenging at first figuring out how to be organized (buy bed raisers and get boxes) but once you do, the space issue isn't a big deal. Simmons is a very safe campus, my door is always unlocked and I leave my shampoo in the bathroom.

What's it like attending a women's college? Were you interested in attending one before coming to Simmons? Did you have concerns?

I didn't think that I would like how Simmons is an all women college, but now I'm glad it is. There's a comfort level here that's hard to explain.

By Stormy Shark on February 27, 2014 12:41 PM
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