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Being an RA on the Simmons Campus


Contributed by: Jean Ryznal, Simmons Hall RA

There are many leadership opportunities at Simmons College. A student can be a Simmons 101 Facilitator, be a part of the Emerging Leaders Program, be an Orientation Leader, be a part of SGA (Student Government Association), or hold a leadership position within one of the many organizations on campus.  One leadership position I have had the opportunity to hold since my time on campus is as a Resident Advisor (RA). This past semester I have been able to enjoy both personal and professional growth through being an RA in Simmons Hall. 

Professionally, being an RA prepares you to deal with unexpected and sometimes difficult situations. It also teaches you how to work with a variety of people and problem solve on your feet. Lastly, it helps you learn how to prioritize and manage time efficiently. 

Personally, the entire ResLife staff has been a great support. Every person on the staff brings their own unique set of talents and it is great to have such an interactive group of people to bounce ideas off of. Some of my best friendships have come from the bonds I have created within the Residence Life community.

Ultimately being a RA gives students the opportunity to be both a peer mentor and an active change agent within the Simmons community. I have truly enjoyed my time so far as a RA, and I know all the skills I have learned and developed since starting this position will be useful in any future career I pursue. 

By Stormy Shark on February 6, 2014 12:25 PM
Category: Housing