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Soirée 2014

Contributed by: Kyree Jones


Every year the Simmons College Campus Activities Board, CAB, holds an event called Soirée. Soirée is a fun night of food and dancing for the Simmons community. This year Soirée was held at the Seaport Hotel in South Boston. This year tickets sold out in about 2 weeks! By purchasing tickets, guests received transportation to and from the Seaport Hotel, dinner, and a fun night of dancing!


(Picture before the Masquerade decorations)


The theme of Soirée this year was Masquerade! The Seaport Hotel Plaza Ballroom was transformed into a beautiful mystical Masquerade night. From gold tipped feathers to glittering candles, there was a feeling of magic in the air. With the feeling of magic in the air and excitement in the atmosphere, guests danced the night away to the mixes of music of DJ Mellodies all night long! With so much enthusiasm, everyone partied until the very end. Soirée wasn't just about dancing but it was the experience. Such a beautiful night with such amazing people.

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(Left: Center pieces for the tables, right: masquerade mask from decorations)

If you're interested in helping to plan next year's Soirée or interested in helping with events like it, you can join the Simmons College Campus Activities Board! If you enjoyed Soirée or you want to experience more events, there are more many events happening this semester!


On Friday, February 28th, there is a spoken word event that CAB and The Black Student Organization are co-sponsoring to bring The Strivers Row group to campus. Go and check them out!


By Stormy Shark on February 25, 2014 10:58 AM
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