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Gina's Top five ways to be a Simmons Diva!

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Spring Break is over and the final push of the semester is here! Worried that the break might have slowed you down? Check out my Five Steps to becoming the ultimate Simmon's DIVA!!!

1.     Love yourself.

Don't sit around waiting for other people to love you. Let the love start with you.

2.     Confidence.

Haters are always going to hate. I have learned in this life people will be negative whether you have done everything right or wrong.  There is always someone that is going to try and bring you down. Brush your shoulders off because those people are not worth your time at all. Keep your head up and always do your best! Love yourself and know your worth!

3.     Mind the company you keep.  

You are out there working hard and making things happen. You can love your friends but if they are not on their grind maybe you need to re-evaluate the friendship. Don't let others take you down with their nonsense. We can love our friends but if they are not on the same positive grind as you, you need to keep it moving. You know they may not be the best but you love your friends! Its ok, love them but do it from afar. You don't want to get caught up by association

4.    Take care of yourself.  

It does not do you or anyone else any good if you are taking care of the world and neglecting yourself. You need to make sure you are eating right; working out is helpful and of course resting.  Especially, if you are the "caretaker " all the time, no one is going to remember to ask you how you are doing. Make sure you take time for yourself.  RELAXATION is key.

5.     Be proud of your type-- 

To be a fabulous Simmons Diva, you must be proud of your type. You are unique to the world and must embrace it.  Tina Turner, Jennifer Lopez, Lady GaGa, Jessica Simpson, and Beyonce Knowles.  These divas are beautiful, confident and talented, but they all have completely different styles and looks. Their bodies, faces, hair are all different. They all look different but have no problem with it! Do what you can to make yourself happier. In the end, people will notice you for the gifts you bring to the world.

By Gina Louis on March 20, 2014 1:01 PM
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