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Giving back is warmer than the snow!

Contributed by: Marlena Vitali

Alternative Spring Break:

Simmons Builds is a organization here on campus which allows students the opportunity to spend their spring break doing something against the norm. Instead of going to a beach or on a road trip with friends, 13 Simmons students and 2 faculty members spent the week in Kent County, Michigan. Here they spent Monday through Friday working with the local habitat for humanity to help build homes for three different deserving families.

The students put in wood floors, built walls, shoveled out snow, put trim in, created shelves for multiple closets, used an assortment of power tools, and did it all with a smile on their faces. The weather was colder than it was in Boston by a chilling 20 degrees, but the warmth they felt from the people in Michigan overpowered the cold.

It might be too late for you to change your spring break plans, seeing as how spring break is over, but there is still a chance for you to make a difference this semester and all you have to do is eat! Share the Love is a program happening at Bartol on April 23rd and runs for the whole time Bartol is open. The event asks students who come in to donate a meal swipe, and every meal swipe donated will equal a meal for someone in a shelter. The students will also have the chance to make the bagged dinner for the shelter by simply adding in what they want to from the food provided. This event is a very small time commitment, but will make the day for someone else! But if this event doesn't work out for you, then contact for other giving back opportunities.

So what will you do to make a difference this semester?

By Stormy Shark on March 25, 2014 11:28 AM
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