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Vagina Monologues at Simmons College

Contributed by: Priyal Goyal

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The Simmons College student organization, SWAG (Sexuality, Women and Gender) puts on the Vagina Monologues every year in the month of March in honor of the Women's History Month. This years performances stretched from February 13th- February 15th and as always did not disappoint!


As a senior student and RA, I have always had the goal that before graduating from Simmons I would do things I have never done before. One of the things on this graduation bucket list of mine has been to act in the V-logs. I got motivated to act in the V-logs because a lot of my friends have done them in the past and they told me it's the most self-empowering experience at Simmons. Since the V-logs deal with aspects of the feminine experience, touching on matters of sex, love, rape, menstruation, female genital mutilation, masturbation, birth, orgasm and a lot of women's sexual health issues it is eye-opening to hear about incidents when women have gone through these experiences.

My role in the V-logs was in the opening act, in which three women talk to each other about  "why people are scared of talking about vaginas". During rehearsals my excitement for my part in the show energized my performance.This same excitement for our shows helped me overcome my fear of doing live "theatre" and helped me to finally do something I was scared of since freshman year. I had never thought I would have the confidence to act in the V-Logs because you need to be confident in even saying the word "vagina". My passion for women's empowerment so far in my college career has made me so much more confident that I am proud of my performances and the whole cast who put so much work into making it all happen!


By Stormy Shark on March 4, 2014 10:21 AM
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