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April 2014 Archives

Time to get Moving!

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Its about that time! Closing time! Time to pack up your belongings and get ready for a fun filled summer!

Do you know what you need to do to get ready to move?

If you have questions we have answers! Click the link to get get a few answers to our most commonly asked questions.

Boston as our classroom.

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Mary is here to take you around the Fenway Area that surrounds the Simmons College campus. Her adventures in the city of Boston show that as a Simmons Student, greatness is your backyard!


Spring is here and (ideally) beautiful weather has arrived, which means prime time for exploring the surrounding city! I've been appreciating more and more of how much of Boston I have access to by virtue of living on campus. Just a few weeks ago, a couple friends and I decided to take a trek down to Faneuil Hall to see the recent BodyWorlds Vital exhibit. 

We tucked our wallets, Charlie cards and all, into our bags and grabbed a ride on the green line one Sunday afternoon, all the way to Haymarket, where we then promptly jumped off the train and began our journey.

Before heading right over the the exhibit though, we first paid a visit to the well-cherished Thinking Cup, located on Hanover street in the North end, in order to grab something for lunch.



A slice of delicious bacon-potato-cheese quiche aside some fresh arugula.

Life on the River!

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Contributed by: Cory Carlson
Cory is an RA and an explorer. Here are some of her tips for an exciting experience for the upcoming Summer Break!


For me, summer is a break from school, a time to make some money at my hometown job, and a time for an annual rafting trip. In mid-July I pack my bathing suit and water shoes, fill up the gas tank, pile in the car with friends and plenty of snacks, and head north to Maine. We raft through a company called Northern Outdoors. This is a great company which offers a variety of rivers throughout Maine and New Hampshire, each with varying difficulty and rapid levels.

Mary is here to take you around the Fenway Area that surrounds the Simmons College campus. Her adventures in the city of Boston show that as a Simmons Student, greatness is your backyard!

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I'm about to share with you all a hidden treasure that I "discovered" back in the middle of January. I say, "discover" because it was not really hidden to begin with. In fact, it's found right next door to our academic campus. Yes, I am going to write about the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum--once a mystery to me, with its regally gated parameters and white marble lions guarding its doors, but now a favorite haunt of mine anytime I am seeking a little peace and quiet in the middle of the city.

The story of my adventure goes as such:

The weather in Boston had been pretty brutal, with temperatures dropping into the single digits and nasty wind-chills pushing them only further below zero.

 I decided it time for a chance of scenery.


A Quick Bite

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Mary is here to take you around the Fenway Area that surrounds the Simmons College campus. Her adventures in the city of Boston show that as a Simmons Student, greatness is your backyard!


With Spring Break come and gone, it seems like the nothing is left but the home stretch until the end of the school year.

I can't even recount where the first half of spring semester went seeing as it pretty much flew by in the blink of an eye!

Nonetheless, in a last ditch effort to get the most out of my time left here in Boston, I have renewed my initiative to get out and explore more of the surrounding neighborhood.

longfellow banner.png

Whats up, Clauds? is a new series that chronicles the funny, off wall, and sometimes reflective experiences of Claudia, a Simmons Student just trying to make it to her next class.  

Are you there, Housing Selection Gods?


It's me, Claudia, just one of the many first-years counting down the days until Housing Selection with an equal mix of delight and dread (8 days for rising sophomores at the time of writing, in case you were wondering).

five things.jpg

1.    Explore.  

Do a little research on the different housing options available to you.  What does a suite in Smith look like?  How big is a double in Arnold?  What theme communities are available? Look around at all of the buildings to get a sense of what living there would be like. Also, the site has new features that allow for virtual room tours including photos and video if you don't have the chance to see them in person.

2.    Research.  

Have you heard of the availability spreadsheet? Use this feature of the reslife website to see how many rooms in each building are available.  Speaking of the website, use it!  It offers some really great information about housing selection that would most likely answer your question and also any that you didn't even know you had.

3.    Branchout.  

Don't have a roommate? Don't worry.  Plenty of us experience this, and so Simmons offers many ways to find others looking for a new roomie! Attend Pair Fairs, join the Facebook group, or go to a suite matching fair.  Even if you strike out with these, there is the Meet and Greet area at housing selection night.

4.    Talk.  

Talk to your friends and find out everyone's' plans for next year. See where other people you know are planning on living and maybe make a plan to live in the same building. A feel for where everyone else is living can help you make plans for the upcoming year!

5. Tea.

Drink a cup of tea, listen to music, the point is to relax. Housing selection should not be a stressful time.  Have fun looking forward the next year


Rent V. Housing Costs @ Simmons

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Contributed by: Catherine Winters

Living on campus seems expensive, but have you ever considered what you get for your money? Of course, you're paying for a place to live. A studio apartment in this area of the city is $1,600 a month, which is comparable to what "rent", would be on campus. However, this does not include everything you get on-campus.

Even if your rent includes heat and hot water, you'll still be paying for things like electricity and internet. This would be an additional $70-$100 a month, but could be up to $300 depending on whether you also need to pay for gas or decide to get cable.