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A Quick Bite

Mary is here to take you around the Fenway Area that surrounds the Simmons College campus. Her adventures in the city of Boston show that as a Simmons Student, greatness is your backyard!


With Spring Break come and gone, it seems like the nothing is left but the home stretch until the end of the school year.

I can't even recount where the first half of spring semester went seeing as it pretty much flew by in the blink of an eye!

Nonetheless, in a last ditch effort to get the most out of my time left here in Boston, I have renewed my initiative to get out and explore more of the surrounding neighborhood.

So I've been hittin' up local venues like Orinoco's in Brookline Village and Hidyan's Cafe in Fenway.


Just a few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of treating a couple friends to crepes at the quaint Neighborhoods Coffee and Crepes Cafe. One of whom is a senior in high school who was recently admitted to her top-choice college, so we decided the only proper way to celebrate was with nutella and strawberries wrapped in crepe-y deliciousness.


It's strange to imagine that just a year ago around this same time, I was also accepted and chose to enroll in Simmons. And now here I am treating friends to food in the neighborhood I am pleased to now call home away from home. Who woulda thunk?  

Time really flies. You gotta act fast if you wanna catch a taste, let alone get your bite out of life!


By Mary Ying on April 10, 2014 12:46 PM
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