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Boston as our classroom.

Mary is here to take you around the Fenway Area that surrounds the Simmons College campus. Her adventures in the city of Boston show that as a Simmons Student, greatness is your backyard!


Spring is here and (ideally) beautiful weather has arrived, which means prime time for exploring the surrounding city! I've been appreciating more and more of how much of Boston I have access to by virtue of living on campus. Just a few weeks ago, a couple friends and I decided to take a trek down to Faneuil Hall to see the recent BodyWorlds Vital exhibit. 

We tucked our wallets, Charlie cards and all, into our bags and grabbed a ride on the green line one Sunday afternoon, all the way to Haymarket, where we then promptly jumped off the train and began our journey.

Before heading right over the the exhibit though, we first paid a visit to the well-cherished Thinking Cup, located on Hanover street in the North end, in order to grab something for lunch.



A slice of delicious bacon-potato-cheese quiche aside some fresh arugula.

The weather was a tad cloudy, wet and rainy outside,  but we didn't mind. It only made for a cozier cup of coffee inside with our meals. 


A steaming cup of chai tea latte

Once we were stuffed full of savory sandwiches, decadent quiche and frothy chai latte, we began making our way down to Faneuil Hall Marketplace, where the exhibit was installed on the 2nd floor of Quincy Market. 

I had printed tickets for a later entry time, but the staff people were friendly enough to let us in a little early. Then we commenced marveling at some of the most artistically dissected human cadavers I had ever laid eyes on. (Not that I've actually seen very many in my short lifetime. . .)

Each display was presented in a way to showcase the physiological potential of the human body and the various health issues and disease that can compromise it. Being the geeks that my friends and I are, we pleasantly strolled through each room, commenting on the remarkability of each figure and then noting our resolve to continue attending the gym regularly every time we passed a poster that discussed heart disease, obesity, cancer, and so on.

BodyWorlds have multiple different shows and exhibits around the world. This one in particular, called BodyWorlds Vital, was intended to highlight key health issues and raise awareness in the general audience about the importance of understanding the functions of and properly maintaining their bodies. Clearly it was effective, based on the amazed looks all those whom I saw pass through.

Aaaand, for those of you who were lamenting not being able to attend the show before its closure on April 3rd, you will be enthralled to know what the installation has been extended due to popular demand! More info can be found here:

I have also attached just a few more of many of the photos I took during our trip. Some of you may like it. Some of you may find it positively disturbing. If so, you may as well stop reading now, just as a trigger warning.

(But I'm a nursing major, so humour me. I love this stuff.)


By Mary Ying on April 24, 2014 9:57 AM
Category: Exploring Boston