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Life on the River!

Contributed by: Cory Carlson
Cory is an RA and an explorer. Here are some of her tips for an exciting experience for the upcoming Summer Break!


For me, summer is a break from school, a time to make some money at my hometown job, and a time for an annual rafting trip. In mid-July I pack my bathing suit and water shoes, fill up the gas tank, pile in the car with friends and plenty of snacks, and head north to Maine. We raft through a company called Northern Outdoors. This is a great company which offers a variety of rivers throughout Maine and New Hampshire, each with varying difficulty and rapid levels.

You can stay for the day or choose a campsite and stay for the weekend. But whatever you choose, you will have a great time on the river. The guides are friendly and knowledgeable and make sure to provide a safe but exciting ride. Making your way down waterfalls, squeezing the raft through rocks, and the occasional person getting bumped off the raft into the cool water are just some of the thrills of this summer delight. My favorite part of the trip comes halfway through the journey, where rafts are docked along the sides of a mountain. Families and other rafters are able to swim in the shallow river and warm their chilled bodies by a fire. Warm meals and hot chocolate are served for all rafters so they can fill their bellies and energize for the second half of their journey.

Scenic views, forest animals, and mountain ledges fill the second half of the trip. As the group makes their way down the river they approach a landing station, where a heated bus is ready to pick them up and shuttle them back to camp. Once back, a collage of photos and videos from the day is aired as rafters are able to relive and enjoy their journey all over again!


By Stormy Shark on April 17, 2014 11:00 AM
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