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Time to get Moving!



Its about that time! Closing time! Time to pack up your belongings and get ready for a fun filled summer!

Do you know what you need to do to get ready to move?

If you have questions we have answers! Click the link to get get a few answers to our most commonly asked questions.

When should I leave?

IF YOU ARE A SENIOR :You must vacate your room prior to3PM on May 10th unless you have permission from the ORL to stay late. If you are remaining past May 10th you will  have a Occupied Sign on your door. Please leave that sign up until you leave.

IF YOU ARE NOT A SENIOR: You must vacate your room prior to 3PM on May 4th unless you have permission from the ORL to stay late. If you are remaining past May 4th you will have a Occupied Sign on your door. Please leave that sign up until you leave.

Do I have any paperwork to fill out?

The RAs will be putting up half sheets on your door with closing checklists by Sunday the 27th! THESE LISTS MUST REMAIN TAPED TO YOUR DOOR AT ALL TIMES. DO NOT PUT THEM IN YOUR ROOM. Each roommate must sign this sheet upon leaving the room and ensure the list is checked off. Do not sign the sheet until you have returned your key and vacated your room. You might also have to sign and RCR if you opt for a standard check out.

How do I Check Out?

You have two options, Express and Standard.

Express:  If you choose an express checkout you waive your ability to appeal any damage charges in your room (you do not need an RA to check out).

You will move all your belongings out of your room, clean it, and then put your key in an envelope with your name, room, and building. This envelope will then go into the drop box in the lobby (the envelopes will be next to the drop box). RAs, RDs, and Public Safety are NOT accepting keys. If you wish to deliver your key to the ORL it must be during office hours.

Standard: If you choose this option, you will move out all your belongings by your checkout time (or earlier) and once your side of the room is EMPTY the RA will come in and go over your room condition form with you.

Outside each RA's door will be sign up sheets for standard check-out. You must sign up for a checkout time at least 12 hours prior to your checkout time. You may sign up with you RA for your floor. This will allow you to explain any damages in the room and talk with your RA about them. After the Room Condition Report has been completed, you will return your key to the ORL or place it in a drop box.

What if something is broken?

If there is a damage to your room both roommates will split the charged unless one roommate emails taking responsibility for the damage.

You may refer to the damage sheets being hung up in on the lobby board .RAs are not able to give you an exact amount or promise how much you will be billed for damages to your room. If you want to discuss a damage or are not sure if something will be fined please sign up for a standard checkout.

I lost my key. What should I do?

Lost keys must be reported to the ORL. If you have lost your key and do not tell the ORL by email or in person it will be considered an improper checkout with a fine.

What should the room look like?

You do not need to de-bunk your beds! Otherwise, your room should look the same as when you arrived. You do need to ensure that all the college provided furniture which was in your room at check-in is present at check-out. You will charged for missing furniture that is no longer present in your room.

You must clean your room upon leaving. The room should be in the same condition it was when you entered. If you do not clean your room you may be charged.

Anything else?

Yep! Remember: Quiet Hours start on April 29th at Midnight and continue until the end of the semester.

Happy Moving!

By Kat Michael on April 29, 2014 1:03 PM
Category: Housing