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Wanna be an RA?

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Contibuted by: Adam Gray

10 Things that Happen When You Become an RA According to The Incredibles


  1. You never have to worry about being bored or needing something to do.



  1. You get to be your residents' biggest fan!



  1. You will amaze yourself with what you can accomplish and learn over the course of a year.


  1. You get to be fabulous and famous without any special talents or powers.



  1. I couldn't have said it better myself....



  1. You become part of the support system your residents respect and trust.



  1. You find a whole new family and develop lifelong friendships.



  1. You develop a whole new appreciation for diversity and inclusion.



  1. You begin to look forward to finals week because of the de-stress programs you can put on!



10 . You get to avoid the marathon known as Housing Selection



And finally after all is said and done you may be exhausted but you still can't wait for next year to begin.



Bartol Hall: More Than Just a Cafeteria.

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Contributed by: Megan Ludgate, Sophomore and Production Manager for Bartol


Bartol Hall, the dining hall on the residence campus, is located at the center of the residence buildings. But it is more than just the physical center of the campus. Bartol Hall offers students a place to relax, meet with friends and eat good food. It is central to students' campus life.

Rose Dumais, a sophomore, says Bartol is, "a place to unwind, with a fair variety of options for meals. It's a nice place to sit with friends for an hour or so to catch up. In addition, the staff are helpful and dedicated". Kendall Bauer, also a sophomore, also commented on the staff, saying, "the staff are always really friendly. [Bill, the manager], is really helpful getting me the food I need."

Real Talk: Applying to Simmons

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Contributed by: Nicole

Real talk.jpg

Ah, winter. A time for cable knit sweaters, falling snow, pumpkin flavored whatever, and for some... the beginning of the anxiety that is college applications. We here at Simmons know the quest for higher education isn't always a walk in the figurative park, or whatever figurative location you prefer to cut through.

As a current student, it's almost nostalgic to see prospective students touring the campus with wide and wandering eyes, considering I was one of them two years ago. So when I find myself talking to prospective students I like to think I'm talking to my former self, settling all her worries and fears about the college process. Therefore I'm always prepared to answer the elephant in the room when it comes to discussing Simmons; What's it like going an all women's college?

From 25 MB to 25 Gigs: Simmons has Gone Google!

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From time to time we can all appreciate the aesthetics of something historic: a black and white film, an antique clock, a charming colonial home, Simmons College WebMail. With the introduction of Google Apps for Education, however, it's time to place WebMail on a shelf with all of the other trinkets. Students around campus are crying out with joy for the transition from WebMail to Google Apps for Education, and here's why: Students asked for this.

GlobalService.jpgAs the warm weather starts to roll around and the academic year begins to come to a close, the amount of upcoming events on campus are numerous.

One event that is important to the Simmons College community is Global Service Day. Every year since 2000, Simmons College has celebrated with a college-wide Scholarship and Service Day Initiative. The Scott/ Ross Center hosts a variety of events that reflect Simmons' commitment as a College to service and the Boston community. Events have included workshops, service projects with community-partners on-and-off campus, letter writing campaigns, and pledge signings for the YWCA'S Stand Against Racism campaign.

Where's Stormy?

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StormyShark.590.jpgThis week, Simmons College Campus Life announced the re-launch of its Facebook page -and they're doing it big, with the "Where's Stormy?" Photo Contest. Campus Life is challenging students to take creative pictures with a sketch drawing of Stormy the Shark, and post them on the Campus Life Facebook page:

The next step is for students to get their friends to like their picture, because the photos with the most likes by April 1st will win prizes! There will be a $100 Bertucci's gift card given for Group Photo with the most "likes," a $50 gift card given for Individual Photo with the most "likes," and a $25 Starbucks gift card given for Individual Photo with the second-most "likes" overall. Plus, those who post photos that garner more than 10 "likes" will win a special Stormy the Shark prize from OSLA.

The Simmons College Campus Life Facebook page is a great way for students to share information with each other, keep up to date with events around campus, and celebrate Simmons-ness! The Stormy the Shark sketch photo that will be used in the competition is available for download on the Simmons College Campus Life Facebook page, and print outs are also available in OSLA and from RAs. Like the Campus Life Facebook page today!

Are you ready for the job search?

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Did you know that with an English major you could enter into the Technical Communication, Advertising, or Public Relations fields? Did you also know that Biology majors could enter into the Communication, Legislative, or Legal Affairs fields? If these revelations are a surprise, you might be underestimating your major too! Luckily, Simmons students have access to the Career Education Center, whose dedicated Career Coaches help construct résumés, write cover letters, and think outside of the box!