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Contributed by the Simmon's HRA E-board: Deepa Kumarjiguda, Julie Pallozzi, Raelissa Glennon,Tiffany Pierce, Danny Boucher, Claudia Lawry, Kimmie Ryznal, Julia Belkin
This is a short list of the reasons that the Simmons College Residence Hall Association is an awesome up-and-coming organization on campus. Not familiar with us and what we do? E-mail us at for more information. We can't wait to get to know you all over the coming year!

 1. Marty the Moose is our Mascot!


What a cutie.


 2. It's the only organization specifically for residence campus students!


Look how blissfully happy they are.

Loving-Kindness Meditation @Simmons

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Ahalia Persaud is a Simmons RA. In her short exposé she explores the use of meditation in managing the stress of college life!


Have you ever heard of the Loving-Kindness meditation or metta? This is a specific kind of love that is used in many religious traditions, as a form of love distinguished by acts of kindness. I have encountered this practice through Buddhist teachings when I took the course, Birth and Death with the Chair and Professor of Sociology, Becky Thompson.


My experience with this specific Loving-Kindness exercise may be different than the ones you will find on the Internet, so I want to share it with you.

Giving back is warmer than the snow!

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Contributed by: Marlena Vitali

Alternative Spring Break:

Simmons Builds is a organization here on campus which allows students the opportunity to spend their spring break doing something against the norm. Instead of going to a beach or on a road trip with friends, 13 Simmons students and 2 faculty members spent the week in Kent County, Michigan. Here they spent Monday through Friday working with the local habitat for humanity to help build homes for three different deserving families.

Getting Involved on Campus: Simmon's Speaks!

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Contributed by: Marissa Johnson

If you are looking for an opportunity to get involved in the Arts at Simmons and are interested in creative writing, the organization Simmons Speaks might be a great choice! Simmons Speaks is a club on campus that meets every week to write, receive writing prompts, share poetry, or just be around other writers in a creative space. The organization also has a slam poetry team that competes in poetry slams on campus, in Boston, New England, and even at the national level.

Help Simmons change the conversation surrounding mental health!

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Contributed by: Sarah Savage

 Everybody has mental health, yet why talk about it?  As the pins below indicate, 1 in 4 people are living with a diagnosable mental illness.  The data is even more alarming when you focus on college campuses where 1,100 college students die by suicide each year.  This data can be found on the Active Minds website.

 Speaking about Active Minds...Simmons has a chapter here on campus that meets on Monday evenings at 7pm in Quadside on the Residential Campus, but what is it?  Active Minds is a non-profit organization dedicated to ending the stigma surrounding mental health. The Simmons Chapter has been nationally recognized as a 5-star chapter in areas such as the events they hold!


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Contributed by: Kara Silva


As an athlete myself, I know that when the stands are full with cheering family, friends, classmates, faculty, staff, and more the athletic teams being supported perform better! Simmons College is home to 10 Division III Sports teams that are all fun and exciting to watch and cheer along to help the teams succeed. 

Salem Trip Oct, 2013

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Circle K (a community service organization) and the class of 2016 collaborated the weekend before Halloween to take students to the location of the Salem witch trials, Salem Massachusetts. You did not need to be affiliated with the organizations that hosted it and tickets were available in the Office of Student Leadership and Activities (OSLA). Students were able to see 3 attractions for only $5! Simmons provided transportation (by bus) there and back and it was not a long ride at all, Salem is pretty close and you can get there by public transportation! We left at 9:30 and after arriving before 10:30 we had until 4:30 to be back on the bus.

Bartol Hall's New Look

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Sarah's back with a tour of Simmons's newly refurbished Bartol Hall. Check out the bright, welcoming atmosphere and expanded dining options!

CCOR banner.pngI applied to be a part of Campus Conversations on Race (CCOR) as a first year student because I wanted to have discussions about real issues over tea. By the end of the semester I gained knowledge, friendships and valuable experiences I would not have gotten anywhere else. The following semester I was asked to co-facilitate the program and now I am on the Like Minds e-board as the CCOR representative and I'm in my fourth semester with the program.

Hermana Unidas

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OLA photo.JPG
One of my favorite parts of my job is being the advisor to OLA. Simmons College's group Organización Latina América has been around since the late 1960's. At the time, this organization was a part of BSO's group because the students wanted Simmons College to support the students of color. After 40 years much has changed. OLA is now its own group and is creating events and opportunities for dialogue. One major event during Hispanic Heritage Month has been planning and creating a retreat for the students of OLA. This is the first time this group has held a retreat! Here are some of the activities the students took part of and I helped organize: