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Congratulations on taking an important first step-- you're exploring academic programs so that you can earn the bachelor's degree you always planned to complete. Please know that we, as your Dix Scholars admission counselors, are here to make the process of researching and applying to Simmons as easy as possible. We strategize with you about educational paths that will lead you on a path towards fulfilling your personal and professional aspirations. As your admission counselors, it is also our job to let you know all of the unique options that exist for you as you pursue your education and prepare for the career you always wanted.

At Simmons, there are a numbers of programs for students who wish to move directly from an undergraduate program to earning a master's degree. These accelerated programs, unique to Simmons, allow you to start to earn graduate credit while completing your bachelor's degree. This saves you not only time but also money, as you may be eligible to take up to four courses that can count towards both your bachelor's and master's degrees!

Simmons undergraduate students may take graduate studies courses, and move directly from their undergraduate degree to earning a master's degree through one of our graduate studies programs in:

  • Behavior Analysis
  • Children's Literature
  • Communications Management
  • English
  • Gender/Cultural Studies
  • History
  • Special Education
  • Teaching
  • Teaching English as a Second Language
  • Library Science
  • Health Care Administration
  • Nutrition and Health Promotion (B.S. Biology or Nutrition)
  • Physical Therapy (B.S. to 3 year Doctorate of Physical Therapy)
  • Social Work
  • Masters of Business Administration

You can find out more about these exciting options at or by contacting your admission counselors Kathy and Laura by email or by calling: 617-521-2051.

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