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Which of your previous college credits will transfer toward your Simmons degree?


At Simmons, we are happy to evaluate your transcripts, as we aim to provide you with as much information and support as possible-- during the application process and beyond! Read on to find out how you can request a preliminary transcript evaluation.

How many credits can I transfer into Simmons?
Simmons College allows students to transfer in up to 80 credits. These credits may be from other institutions.

If you are not transferring in 80 credits and you bring with you professional and/or volunteer experience, you may be able to earn additional college credits through the Credit for Prior Learning Program, which offers an opportunity to receive credit for knowledge gained through life experience.

What credits will transfer into Simmons?
Typically the following coursework will be accepted for credit toward graduation:

  • Courses taken at an accredited college or university at the undergraduate level
  • Courses comparable to ones offered at Simmons
  • Courses with a grade of C or better
  • Courses of two semester credits or more*

    *The exception is a one-credit lab connected to a class taken that semester.

You may request a preliminary transfer credit evaluation (TCE) at any point in the application process to help with planning. A TCE assesses the number of credits you have already taken that will transfer toward your Simmons degree, and also defines coursework you may be required to complete to fulfill the Modes of Inquiry (or general education requirements required to earn a Simmons diploma). A TCE is a great tool, as it helps you to get a better sense of how many credits you will need to take at Simmons.

When you request a preliminary TCE, your transcripts are reviewed by the Office of the Registrar. Within a few weeks, a transfer credit evaluation will be emailed to you. Your TCE will help you and your advisor to make an academic plan in your advising meeting.

Please note that we must receive official transcripts from all colleges or universities you have attended before conducting a TCE.

If you are accepted to the College, a TCE will be automatically conducted for you, and the results shared with your advisor.

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