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Finding the Right Fit at Simmons!


Returning to college can produce a mix of feelings: excitement, apprehension, nervousness. How will I fit in a class with students much younger than me? Will I be able to connect with professors as an adult student? Will my life experience count as college credit? Will I be able to take advantage of all of the resources--like tutoring, internships, and career counseling--that younger students do?

The following quotes from members across the Simmons community highlight just how much we value our adult students. Don't just take our word for it though; come visit Simmons to see for yourself. We would love to have you on campus!

"I can say quite earnestly that I love having Dix Scholars in my classes. They bring a real world experience and a very genuine appreciation of the experience of being a college student that is wonderful for our traditional students to see in their colleagues in class. Dix Scholars are often among the hardest workers in classes. I believe that they want to get the very most possible from their undergraduate degree, so they put a great deal of terrific energy into their studies. I am always thrilled to see them on my class roster."
   - Margaret Hanni, Associate Professor of Art History
"I love having Dix Scholars in my classes! They have a work ethic and an enthusiasm that spreads to the traditional-age undergrads and makes the classes they're in especially wonderful learning experiences."
   - Kelly Hager, Associate Professor of English and Women's & Gender Studies Chair
"Dix scholars are fearless in the classroom. They have an incredible drive for education and learning. Some of my favorite people that I have met at Simmons have been Dix scholars. Not only because of their bravery in class, but because of their choice to continue their education."
   - Sarah Strempfer '14, Nursing major
"Our Dix scholars enter the physical therapy program with the benefit of life experiences and the focus of a mature student who is prepared to succeed in our intense, rigorous combined undergraduate/graduate program."
   - Annette Iglarsh PT, PhD, Associate Dean, School of Nursing and Health Sciences
     and Chair and Professor, Department of Physical Therapy
"I love walking into a service-learning classroom and seeing that there is a Dix Scholar in it. I know that she will bring all of her past work and life experience to her service placement and that our community partners will be well-served. I once had a community partner contact me to say that one of our Dix Scholars was the best intern that she had! I was so proud and am happy to say that the student went on to do two more service-learning courses, and I hope she does more before she graduates."
   - Desirae Simmons, Associate Director, Undergraduate Service-Learning, Scott/Ross Center
     for Community Service
"When I see Simmons adult students, I am reminded that dreams don't have an expiration date. It is never too late to want something and make it happen."
   - Phuong Nguy '13 English Major, Cinema & Media Studies minor

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