Getting to Know Simmons!

An interview with Dan Forster, Associate Dean of Student Financial Services

  1. forster.jpgHow do I apply for financial aid?
    Simmons College has a very simple process for applying for financial aid. You only need to complete two forms.

    The first is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You can find this information at:

    You will also need to fill out the 2012-2013 Simmons College Student Information Form, available on the Student Financial Services website.

    Once your forms are received, they will be reviewed by your Financial Aid Counselor and if needed, additional documents will be requested.

  1. How do Simmons financial aid counselors work with me?
    Each student is assigned to a Financial Aid Counselor based on the first letter of their last name. Here is a list of each counselor and their caseload:
    A-E Mehrdad Kermani
    F-L Jean Jeffers
    M-R Leslie Czwakiel
    S-Z Heather Patenaude
    Walk-in hours for students who have a quick question are Monday and Tuesday (8:30 - 4:30) and Wednesday and Thursday (8:30 - 6:30). Those students who have more involved questions or who want to meet with their respective counselor can contact our office by email or by phone 617-521-2001 to make an appointment.
  2. When is the best time for me to contact my Simmons financial aid counselor?
    We counsel both prospective students on the financial aid application process and what aid is available to our students, and accepted students who have completed the required forms about their actual aid. We want to hear from you with all of your questions. We know this can be a complicated process, and we want to make sure your concerns are addressed.
  3. What is the time table for applying and receiving financial aid?
    You must apply for financial aid each year you are enrolled. We recommend the FAFSA be completed by February 15th, but you can apply at anytime during the academic year as long as you are enrolled in at least two courses.
  4. What advice would you give a Dix Scholar seeking financial aid?
    If a Dix Scholar makes a change in the number of credits she is taking, then she should contact her Financial Aid Counselor to notify the College of this change. The counselor will then inform the student on how it will affect her financial aid package.
  5. Will I still qualify for aid if I am seeking a second bachelors degree?
    Dix Scholars can still qualify for Financial Aid even if they are seeking a second bachelor's degree. Your Financial Aid counselor can give you further details on how this might affect your financial aid package.
  6. Is financial aid available for the summer sessions?
    We package aid for the summer, fall and spring terms.
  7. Does my financial aid change from year to year?
    Each student's Financial Aid Package is based on her FAFSA for the given year. If the information on your FAFSA changes, then that can affect your aid. Changing the number of credits you take can also affect your aid.
  8. Does Simmons allow appeals to financial aid?
    Students are allowed to appeal their Financial Aid award. Please contact your financial aid officer to begin this process.
For more information about financial aid, including scholarships and loan information, visit the new students section on the Student Financial Services website or contact Student Financial Services at 617-521-2001 or