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An interview with Mary Dutkiewicz

An Interview with Mary Dutkiewicz, Associate Dean of Administration and SOM Academic Programs
School of Management (SOM) Associate Dean Mary Dutkiewicz advises many students in the management, finance, marketing and retail management majors. She also advises students interested in accelerating from a bachelor of arts (in any major) to the MBA program at Simmons.

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"Mary D" as she is known throughout the Simmons community, has been at the School of Management for over ten years working with both undergraduates and MBA students, and during this time, has been instrumental in helping to further the SOM's unique mission of educating women for power and leadership.

Below she discusses her many years of experience advising students at Simmons, and her love of working with adult students.

How do you view your role as a faculty advisor at Simmons?

Advising is one of the favorite parts of my job! Dix women make choices to return to school not only to increase their knowledge and skills, but to change their future possibilities. My role is to help them feel like part of a community, establish a strong connection with them so they know I am here to help, and support them trying to balance work/life/family and all the other priorities they are trying to juggle.

What makes the Simmons approach to student advising special?

Simmons is small and people know and care about each other, and that sense of caring and connection is real. Faculty and staff who advise want to get to know their students and really want them to succeed.

What are some common concerns you hear from your adult student/Dix Scholar advisees upon first meeting with them?

Many Dix Scholars are concerned about their schedule and how to make everything work given their busy lives! Money is precious, so they want to make good class choices. Some worry about being in classes with traditional undergrads who are often at a very different stage in their lives. We work all these things out together.

What do you like most about advising Dix Scholars?

I love their dedication to getting their degree and their persistence and perseverance to do it. It is something special to be a part of on a daily basis!